Automate Security Testing in CI/CD with Zed Attack Proxy

  1. Configure cypress to use localhost:8080 as proxy
set HTTP_PROXY=http://localhost:8080
set HTTPS_PROXY=http://localhost:8080
./zap.bat -daemon -port 8080 -host localhost
npm run remote:cypress
from zapv2 import ZAPv2
import time
import sendpdfreport
import os
#set up target url for scan and api key for ZAPtarget = ''
apiKey = 'mf9egge5flk6j03dnrmcn6utj6'
context_name = 'sample_context'
context_id = 1
zap = ZAPv2(apikey=apiKey, proxies={'http': '', 'https': ''})
#Spider scanzap.spider.exclude_from_scan('*')
scanID = zap.spider.scan(target)
while int(zap.spider.status(scanID)) < 100:
# Poll the status until it completes
print('Spider progress %: {}'.format(zap.spider.status(scanID)))
print('Spider has completed!')
print('\n'.join(map(str, zap.spider.results(scanID))))
#Passive Scanwhile int(zap.pscan.records_to_scan) > 0:
# Loop until the passive scan has finished
print('Records to passive scan : ' + zap.pscan.records_to_scan)
print('Passive Scan completed')
#Active ScanscanID = zap.ascan.scan(url=target)
while int(zap.ascan.status(scanID)) != 100:
print('Ascan Progress % : ' + zap.ascan.status(scanID))
print('Active Scan completed')
#Generate report
report_path = zap.reports.generate(title='LRM ZAP Test Report',template='traditional-pdf',sites='|',reportdir=os.path.expanduser('~')+'\\zap-report')
print("Report is generated at : "+report_path)
#Email reportfromaddr = ""
toaddr = ""
subject = "LRM ZAP Test Report"
body = "LRM ZAP Automated Security test report"
filename = report_path
from email import encoders
from email.mime.base import MIMEBase
from email.mime.application import MIMEApplication
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
import boto3
def send_email_with_attachment(fromaddr,toaddr,subject,body_text,filename):
msg = MIMEMultipart()
msg["Subject"] = subject
msg["From"] = fromaddr
msg["To"] = toaddr
# Set message body
body = MIMEText(body_text, "plain")
#filename = "ZAP-Report.pdf" # In same directory as scriptwith open(filename, "rb") as attachment:
part = MIMEApplication(
# When running the script from local machine with aws credentials file
session = boto3.Session(profile_name="XXX")
ses_client = session.client("ses", region_name="us-west-2")
#When running on build server with IAM role attached
#ses_client = boto3.client("ses", region_name="us-west-2")
# Convert message to string and send
response = ses_client.send_raw_email(
Source= fromaddr,
RawMessage={"Data": msg.as_string()}




Site Reliability Engineer

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Balaji SA

Balaji SA

Site Reliability Engineer

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