Fast I am reaching the end of my Road

I am fast reaching the end of the road. I started my journey as a child. Continued as a boy, and then a delightful youth.

On reaching youth, gears are changed and I started moving fast. Started a career, find a soul mate who could travel along with me in my journey. Had children, found my self engaged in rearing them.

Just some time back. I saw my two sons getting out to start their own journeys.

Now i am travelling with my wife and daughter and I am retired now. Again gears are changed and now I found four things are very very important for me before ending up my travel and reaching my destination.

1. To help and guide my daughter to start her career, to find a mate for her and to start her journey.

2. My savings. 3. My health and above all my time. Now i am hearing the tick tack of the clock loud.

I am analyzing the choices to put my savings in the best investments so that I could travel the rest with the returns beating inflation.

MY HEALTH: Balanced food, morning and evening walks keeps me healthy else I may land in physical sufferings and psychological down trends. I must pay attention to my wife’s healthy and happy well being.

MY TIME: That is what I am concerned the most. I can’t stop the watch and save the time. I can’t avoid my sleeps and make more time. Now it’s time, I spend my time to think and plan to use my time.

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