RealEstate.Exchange will bring its tokens into the Balancer Ecosystem

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2 min readSep 29, 2021


The team at Balancer Grants DAO is proud to announce the approval of the grant application by RealEstate.Exchange to build on Balancer. is a decentralised exchange that aims to allow investors to borrow, buy and sell real estate into crypto in a compliant manner. This grant covers the work required to extend Balancer and builds out some functionality required for institutional compliant pools such as whitelisting and ERC-1400 compatibility.

“The Balancer Grants DAO is excited to explore the future of DeFi where it crosses over into the real world. is a start as we see more and more assets start to become tokenised on blockchains. We’d love to be part of the journey to seeing this happen on Balancer ”- Nick, Balancer Grants member

“We are excited to partner up with a bluechip protocol like Balancer, pushing the barriers and building the bridges for traditional finance to move into DeFi and the future of finance. Together with Balancer, we will effectively make real estate a liquid investment opportunity, and unlock a tsunami of innovation and potential in a $10tn+ market” — Mark Dencker, Creator RealEstate.Exchange

About RealEstate.Exchange

RealEstate.Exchange is a decentralised exchange (DEX) and DeFi lending marketplace that will allow investors to buy, sell and borrow against real estate tokens. Taking the best elements from pre-existing DEXs and AMMs like Balancer and DeFi lending platforms like Aave, we are adding a whitelisting layer in order to stay compliant when trading and borrowing against real estate tokens.

RealEstate.Exchange and BRICK are created by DigiShares. DigiShares is a leader in the real estate tokenization market and already has many assets on its platform.

About Balancer Grants

The BAL Grant program is one way BalancerDAO promotes the development of the Balancer Protocol and Ecosystem.

The BAL Grant program provides support and funding ($1K — $75K) to projects committed to supporting Balancer Protocol in achieving its mission to become the number one source for Decentralized exchange trades. This program is a good fit for individuals and groups that want to run a project that builds technology or resources on the Balancer Protocol.

For further questions about how the Grants DAO works, check out the grants page, follow us on Twitter, or send an email to



Balancer Grants

The BAL Grant program is one way BalancerDAO promotes the development of the Balancer Protocol and ecosystem.