Can I Live?

What is it with people and randomly touching others? Is there not an understood bubble of personal space. It’s invisible BUT it is understood.. or so I thought.

Nothing bothers me more than my space being invaded. Let’s take this morning’s commute for instance. I’m heading to my usual L train to head to school and normally I do not have any issues, oh but today… Today I guess I was looking like some type of snack to this one guy. As soon as I made it to the platform, the blue line was approaching. I’m thinking to myself “great, perfect timing”. But I suddenly caught the glare this random guy was giving me. I mean he was boring a hole right into my ass. Unfortunately the door he was exiting was the only door close to me. He probably thought “oh, it’s my time” whilst I’m thinking “fuck, here it comes”. I’ve already peeped his game plan, now I must divert. As he exits, I’m walking onto the train as quick as possible, and all of a sudden I see his arm reach out for mine. I could’ve slapped the shit out of him! Trying to yank my arm like a brother in the club attempting to catch twerk. It was truly too early for that type of foolery.

I think what I’m failing to understand is what possesses someone to perform such actions.. better yet, if men know how creepy/frightening that is. I’m a young woman that commutes to Chicago everyday by HERSELF. The last thing I need is to be hackled by random men. It’s creepy because they’re RANDOM. Frightening, because women have a fear of being attacked while carrying out our daily routines. Ya know, it’s like we can’t wear certain things or we carry everything in our bags/purses so that we don’t seem like a target. I don’t think men understand that concept though when they’re trying to bag a woman with some weak ass game on the L train at 6:15 in the morning..

-end rant