I finally did it. I finally posted of picture of myself without a wig. My friends asked me what prompted this bold move; I was getting ready for an outing with a friend and was jamming out to music while doing my makeup. The lighting in my bathroom was perfect and I instantly started snapping pictures.

When I posted the picture, I didn’t think it would be received the way that it was… everyone LOVED it. It was kind of mind blowing actually. I don’t know. I am my worst critic. The only people who have seen my bald head prior to me posting it was my husband, mother and a few of my coworkers (which was NOT by choice at all, but that’s another story for another time). But now, it’s out. And I feel good. Just another step I’ve taken in order to become more comfortable with who I have become. I still have my rough days. There are still times that I feel that I am less beautiful. There are times that I hate the little scar on the side of my head because it reminds me of the physical and emotional pain that I felt when I had a plug of my scalp cut out and analyzed just for the dermatologist to say that there was nothing else he could do as far as treatment because my hair loss was permanent.

But I guess in the end, this all could be a cool story to tell my kids one day right? :)