There’s hope, then there’s reality.

I wish I could hug my family.

I wish I could hug my people.

I wish I could hug the world… But you see, my arms are not long enough.

I wish this country was different.

So different that differences amongst one another were not made evident. So different that the equal opportunity disclaimer wasn’t just a tool to cover employers asses but a second nature gesture. So different that this is actually “one nation, under God. Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.. But you see, it’s not.

Tell me why we are being killed.

Tell me why my brother is a thug because of his dark skin, tattoos, and dreadlocks.

Tell me why can we not be as educated and qualified as you.

Tell me why you don’t have to fear that you won’t get to embrace your loved one because they didn’t make it home that day.

You look at us in fear. Disgust. Hatred. For what?

But you see, our black is strong. Our black is resilient. Our black will continue to live and thrive because your daughters and sons love it. They love our hair. They love our rhythm. The same ass your daughters use to bounce to our music is the very same ass that bounces on the dicks of our black men in the privacy of your racist home when you’re not there.

Try, as you will, but you can not diminish us all.

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