Dear White People

Sounds racist right? Yeah I know, I’m the furthest thing from it but I recently watched “Dear White People” on Netflix the other day and it’s been on my mind since I’ve seen it. Yeah it started out as a black college student just saying things to white people or about white people or as some may see it as “nagging” rambling, going on and on. But what I discovered at the end of the movie was that it was based on a true story.

Now for those of you who have seen the movie you know what I am talking about. But for those of you who haven’t seen it, I’m totally about to ruin the end for you. At the end of the movie approximately the last 30mins or so. One of the houses at the school, in which the students stayed in threw a Halloween party with a particular theme. Yes; Halloween is the one day you get to dress up and be somebody your not, rather it’s scary or a famous person, somebody you miss, which or whatever. But this party was theme a “Black Party”. Where the white students on campus came dressed up at black students or black people. Like they actually covered their skin in dark whatever and pretended to be black. Now yes, we all make fun of white people, mexicans, blacks, arabics and blah blah. But the extent that had been gone way past was outrageous. Like I’ve stated before I’m far from a racist and I don’t pay no nevermind to the stupid shit people have to say about anybody but the fact that this party happen, the fact that somebody had the audacity to come up with this party and the bigger thing is that the number of white students that came and participated in it.

Florida State University

On top of the fact that this type of party really happen, and that somebody really threw this party and the fact that people actually came to this party but the shit happen at more then one college. Like are you fucking serious!!! Some of you might be like it was just a party, and why make a big deal out of it and I don’t even go to none of these schools. It is the principal of it all, the fact that we went through slavery times and still battle with racism these days and people still do ignorant shit like this. Like I just can’t wrap my head around why was this ok to do. Back in slavery days “white america” as some would like to call it, white people treated people of color like they were less then animals. Some treated their dogs better then they treated their salves, in which they shouldn’t have been slaves anyway. But in several movies that are based back in the slavery days. Slave owners would constantly say that black men and women don’t feel pain like how they feel pain. What type of shit is that, if I recall as a human being you need to sleep, eat and breathe to survive in this world and in order to keep the world going you have to reproduce. It’s the cycle or circle if you prefer of life, and if white people had to do that and black people are capable of the same thing then why were slaves some how less then an animal.

Alabama State University

I’m not going to go on and on about the stupidity and ignorance of the world we live in today because obviously there are bigger problems we need to worry about. But considering this is America and we have freedom of speech I am going to say a few more things before I wrap this up. From early 1600s to late 1800s salvery was real, some people let it go and moved on and some didn’t it is what it is. You forgive but you never forget! Slavery only existed because of skin color. When a slave owner had sex with a salve and and a baby was the result, depending on the skin tone of that child decided if that child was going to live in the house and become a slave owner or work out in the field with the rest of the colored folks. White people would make fun of how dark our skin is, how big black women butts are, how big our lips are and how bad black folks hair is. But what do white people do now? They are getting lip surgery to make their lips look fuller, they are getting ass shots and some exercise to have a bigger butt. They try to talk “ghetto” and/or brag about when they’ve been to the hood…even tho they wouldn’t even get out the car. And last but most certainly not the least WHITE PEOPLE FUCKING TAN! They go sit in the sun to make their skin darker, they pay to go to tan salons and get air brush and whatever what shit to make their skin darker! But white people hated black people, hung black, beat black people because their skin was a different tone and now they want to be the same color as us. As a world, as a unit we try to come together and move on from what people in the past have done but then you get fuckers like these college students that do ignorant shit like this.

Until next time! Stay true to you.