Double Jab

You ever feel like God is testing you because one bad thing after another keeps happening. And if you get one figured out then like two more come out the blue or one big ass life upsetting bad thing happen and next thing you know you either way past drunk at the bar; so high that you ate all the food in the kitchen and/or you sitting on your couch just crying because you feel like that is the only thing left to do. Well one of those three things sounds about good when life starts to swirl out of control but I can definitely tell you that one of those three won’t help you accomplish anything.

Getting high may help you think of things and how you can go about them. Or maybe getting high helps you forget, and at that moment if you have forgotten why you got high in the first…well mission accomplished. And I say mission accomplished because you manage to atleast for a little while, just temporary forget about your problems and just be high. Let your mind wonder, but if your like me you over think way too much. Now I’ve gotten high a time or two and just going off of my own experience it doesn’t help me with a damn thing. It doesn’t help me think, I over think so much that I don’t even want to think anymore. All I want to do is eat and go to sleep and/or possibly have sex but if getting high helps you with your problems. Hooray for you my homie.

Drinking…’s just so many negatives to drinking. If you get drunk because of your problems then your going to be extremely drunk depending on how bad things are going in your life. You are probably going to feel like shit within the hours, probably stumble a lil bit when your walking. And possibly lead to you throwing up and from experience throwing up starts to hurt after a while. Your head starts to hurt, you have nothing in your stomach and if you eat then it comes back up and lastly you are dehydrated. And then you sit back and think did I solve anything??…I don’t believe so. But you did manage to make yourself feel shitty, when you were already feeling shitty…and that just makes so much sense.

Crying on the couch. I’ve done it. I’ve done all of these and possibly more. And I must say, crying on the couch was probably the most helpful one. Why? Because I found a way to let out my frustration and think with a clearer head. I do however hate crying, I was raised where crying showed you were weak, so if crying was needed it was something serious.

Farther down the line of my life I found new things to help me solve my problems and better ways to approach them without having a negative outcome on top of a negative situation before I discovered a positive soultion. And I’ve also learned or more so realized that the great walls of China were not built in one day. Jesus didnt raise in one day, Micheal Jordan didn’t become the legend he is in one day, nor did Micheal Jackson become the King of Pop in one day. So I had to stop loosing my head trying to make things happen in one day, trying to conquer all my problems at the same time.

You just gotta take a second, 3 minutes, a few hours, maybe even a whole day and take care of anything coming at you one at a time. Because even if you have 4 problems, the chances of them happening all at once is not too likely. Things work in sequence order, good and bad things happen one after the other. So stop trying to catch Louise Lan and Courage the Cowardly dog grandma at the same time.

What I’m trying to say is WHATEVER is going on in your life. Take it one at a time, because I can guarantee it took 9 months for you to be made in one sex scene 😉

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