Where is our humanity? A call to my fellow white South Africans.
Lisa Golden

You get some disgusting people out there. And the way they treat others is absolutely pathetic and should not be ignored! The only thing I would like to mention and question are statements like “how desperately far behind we are as a community.” and “ forgetting that they are such a ridiculously small minority I don’t know if they’d even collectively pull a 0.0001% of the country.” is that, you are throwing an extremely wide net spanning millions of people with that statement. I find a generalization like that a bit unfair and offensive. Your interaction is one minor blip in South Africa yet because of the outcome of your experience you sweep the entire country up saying virtually no white South Africans are decent and we are “deeply entrenched in our privilege”. This is simply false, you have no way of saying that factually. Surely you can’t presume to have questioned and gauged every white South African on this? Maybe you should rather address your article to the people of whichever wealthy suburb or City this happened in?

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