Digital Revolution Marks The Beginning Of Information Era

The present age is known to be the information era. Another term which refers to this phenomenon is the so-called the third industrial revolution. People begin to realize the power and the importance of information and knowledge. Information is what stimulates people to develop and utilize all their talents and abilities to create advanced features, tools, and instruments so as to give easier and effective ways to do all their activities, projects, plans, and purposes.
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Nowadays, we can really experience the effects of this digital revolution. One of the many irrefutable facts of this revolution is the birth of advanced technologies. Technology has been becoming the central axis and speedily redefining globalization. This is not bounded only in the zone of countries. But it does involve organizational communities, factories, companies, schools, clubs, and even families. The contemporary societies are enhancing their use of technology in unique ways, hoping that this could aid them to attain a better future and to make their dream come true.

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The digital revolution is actually all about transforming and evolving the present for better future. This revolution plays the significant role in vast social impacts and broad lifestyle changes. It increases the capability of communicating and find essential information such as the importance of social media, web development, and SEO service Indonesia. Additionally, This provides more efficient tools to achieve the successfulness and productivity of the business.

Looking at the new concept of communication, we can perceive plainly how the interaction between individuals and organizations change radically. This phenomenon allows a faster and efficient exchange of information. Nonetheless, there are people having a negative impression on this great revolution. They see this atmosphere just as a merely devastating progress. Why? They say that it diminishes personal privacy, it lessens the professionalism of journalists and it does make people find themselves in difficult to distinguish between personal and professional life.

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Based on the research that I have done recently, the digital revolution is indeed not about technologies. It has more to do with people and the way they are influenced and impacted in their daily lives. This progress development eventually leads to the larger transition of telecommunications which can build innovative and efficient ways of working and socializing. The third industrial revolution has powerfully transformed the way information disperses across various sectors in a worldwide range such as providing grounds for businesses to move beyond the national markets to the international markets and uplifting the interconnectedness of the world.

The reality speaks clearly that during the last 8 years, this third industrial revolution has gone up to the new stage which is marked by the interconnection of multiple genres of devices. At the present age, the interpersonal communication has evolved extremely by the use of social networking, mobile telephony, and web chat. These new technologies allow users to share resources and apply the principle of economy of scale. The system provides new ways of maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources and build reliable solutions for the individual users.

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