Review — CREDITS, New Generation Blockchain On Financial Services

Today I will discuss the development of a growing world directly on the direct interaction between people based on the principle of peer-to-peer equality. A revolution takes place! From the overthrow of the mass media can clearly see: until the 20th century, 90 years, newspapers,
magazines and television are the main information providers.

Currently, opinion leaders are blogs on YouTube channels and social networks, where money is publicly invested and ICO, and information is stored in a centralized cloud system.

The financial industry is probably one of the few industries left behind,
which rejects direct interaction between the introduction of the center and the participants. Although technically, creating a decentralized financial service is much easier than creating an unmanned vehicle.

Establish a system that incorporates all participants and the nature of the required financial sorting services: user personalization, KYC,
credit bureaus, clearing clearing centers of law, withdrawals and encrypted currency exchange. This is the latest obstacle to the development of peer-to-peer financial products from two basic tasks.

Now comes the solution of these tasks, CREDITS ( -
A single decentralized technology platform can incorporate all financial service participants with the principles of the ledger distributed securely and quickly perform all transactions.

Credits is a new open source platform for creating and managing financial services based on blockchain / ledger Credit.
The principle of implementing smart contract and joint voting system creates a unique opportunity for all participants to interact with various financial products. The platform opens up a huge new market and has the potential to use blockchain projects and services in the financial and other industries,
which was previously unusable due to speed and transaction costs.

The unique system based on blockchain allows us to build high-speed transaction processing financial services, up to 100 million times per second, average transaction processing speed in 3 seconds. Credits really offer new opportunities to use blockchain technology in the financial sector.

Credit -
to create a new platform for the operation of financial products, in a unique way to build a chain with smart contracts / ledger, can be achieved:

• Process transaction up to 1 million times
per second
• Average processing time per transaction for 3 seconds
• Very cheap handling fee

• About 100 transactions per second
• Average processing time is 0.5–15 minutes
• Cost per transaction becomes $ 0.02–0.5

Popular platforms such as Ethernet are not suitable for financial transactions because the deal is very slow at 0.5–15 minutes, and the cost per transaction is around $ 0.02–0.5. The financial industry is unacceptable.
CREDIT is designed to achieve one million transactions per second with an average processing time of 3 seconds and an average peak of 10 seconds. The system is a distributed database with the principle of blockchain / ledger — the management and transactions of distributed digital assets, invariant records.
The CREDITS platform provides the implementation of unique new blockchain technology, smart contracts, data protocols, and has its own internal encrypted currency. It is a platform with new network technology capabilities, speed, transaction costs and total transactions per second. It is an open platform,
which means that users and companies can use block chain agreements to create online services.

Credit provides users with new products by creating new algorithms to create new features to find consensus; a new registry plan, an algorithm for handling and maintaining limited state machine transactions based on a joint voting nod model.

We are offering our participants a total allocation of 2% from our overall token supply.

The total number of tokens in circulation may vary, depending on the actual amount raised during Token Sale;

Soft cap for the 1st round of ICO is 80 000 ETH,
Hard cap for the 1st round of ICO is 120 000 ETH,

But in any case 2% of tokens will still be designated to the bounty campaign
1 600–2400 ETH
1 ETH = 2 000 CREDITS (CS)

We declare our bounty program open! If you join our campaign in the Bonus period for early birds you will receive:

6 Oct. — 31 Oct. Bonus + 20% to all your stakes
1 Nov. — 10 Nov. Bonus + 10% to all your stakes

Bounty Campaign Token Allocation:

Overall Bounty:
4 800 000–7 200 000 CS (equals ~ 1 600–2 400 ETH)\

Signature campaign 30%
1 440 000–2 160 000 CS (~ 480–720 ETH)

Facebook campaign 15%
720 000–1 080 000 CS (~ 240–360 ETH)

Twitter campaign 15%
720 000–10 80 000 CS (~ 240–360 ETH)
Blogs / News / Video Content campaign 20%
960 000–1 440 000 CS (~ 320–480 ETH)

Translation / Community Admin campaign 15%
720 000–1 080 000 CS (~ 240–360 ETH)

Telegram campaign 5%
240 000–360 000 CS (~ 80–120 ETH)