This Week in FOAMUS Tweets #18

This is the second post featuring the slightly altered title of the series. I hope we are also moving in a positive direction with the now more or less regular, biweekly posts. Following the vein of the last post I have to add two more examples of what will never be featured in this series: 1) no pseudo-educational posts actually promoting the ultrasound devices of certain companies, 2) no posts containing biased, highly unprofessional views of other medical professionals.

Abdominal free air — one of those situations where the linear array probe is critical

Two cases of tuboovarian abscess

A well-illustrated case of small bowel obstruction

And a CEUS pearl — atypical hemangioma

A quite pronounced atrial septal defect

Nicely demonstrated foreign body

Partial rupture of the biceps tendon

And a complete one

Finally a vascular case from me (see the Radiopaedia link for more details)

With this we came to the end of our regular digest of ultrasound tweets. Stay tuned for the next one!