“Balkans ? Bones, sweat, tears/fears…”

Jasmin Brutus, a documentary photographer who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina reported from Serbia about a pharaonic Saudi architectural project ‘Belgrade Waterfront’, possibly turning the Serbian capital into a ‘Dubaï of the Balkans’.

Did you experienced any of the 90’s Balkans war?

Yes, I did. I was 11 when war broke.

What do you remember from this time?

I remember pretty much everything that happend during war.

Do people in your environment (family/friends…) still talk about Tito and Yougoslavia time? Is there a Tit-ostalgia?

Lot of people in my environnement still talk about Tito and Yugoslavia.. Tito this..Tito that..

3 words to resume Balkans today?

Bones, sweat, tears/fears.

Do you have any person/VIP from the region you admire? Who and why?¸

I admire normal people, who struggle every day.

A coutume/habit/particularity of Balkans you especially like.

I like habit of drinking coffee.

Why did you take part to Balkans&beyond project?

I like to move a bit from my daily job routine.

What did you learnt? What suprised you?

I learnt a lot about subject that we worked on, I get to know Belgrade better.

How went the transnational ‘working together’?

I didn’t meet my colleague Marina in flesh, but we were consulting each other almost on daily basis.

Why did you choose to work on such story?

It was other way, story choose me :)

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