SLOVENIA STORY by Natasa Kramberger, Mirza Ajnadžić & Jelena Prtorić

Natasa Kramberger is a freelance author from Slovenia, based in Berlin. Born in 1983, she was a member of the “last Tito-Pioneers generation”
in Slovenia (she became a Pioneer on 29th November 1989, just
20 days after the Fall of The Wall).

Natasa writes narrative reportages, essays and novels, is the author of three books, one of them the collection of reportages. Her first novel (2007) received EU Prize for Literature, it’s been translated into 10 languages.

In 2009, she established an eco-artistic NGO Zelena centrala in Slovenia, where she explores the questions of social ecology ; in 2011, she published her 2nd novel in rhymes ‘Kaki Vojaki’ (Some soldiers) ; in 2014, she published the collection of reportages about Berlin & Havana & other places Wall Less — A newspaper tale on Berlin and other places (‘Brez zidu, Časopisna pripoved o Berlinu in drugih krajih’). In 2014, she founded another NGO in Berlin, Periskop, Verein für Vernetzung kreativer Perspektiven zwischen Slowenien und Deutschland.

Mirza Ajnadžić started his career in 2009 on EFM student radio in Sarajevo. In 2010, he finished a training of Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in Sarajevo and was involved in a project “Tales from the Transition”, during which he wrote several features on social issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His story about “the Others, as an minority in BiH” was awarded by the New York’s Ground Reporting.

He also collaborates as a screenwriter and documentary reports author with the Foundation for Creative Development from Sarajevo. In 2013, he directed his first documentary movie “May 31st”.

As a freelancer, he works for different media, as well as NGO organizations such as: UNICEF, British Council, Internews, IWPR etc. In 2012, he co-founded an NGO, “Center for Cultural and Media Decontamination”, focusing on educating youth in citizen journalism.

Some stories from Mirza:

Jelena Prtorić is a freelance journalist from Croatia, reporting (mostly) from South-East Europe. She holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from Sciences Po journalism school in Paris, and has worked for various print,web and radio outlets in French, English and Croatian.

When she is not writing, reading long-form journalism or translating graphic novel, she gets geeky with data and enjoys taking photos.

Some stories from Jelena: