20 Ways to Know that You Were Born to be a Writer

“Books bring alluring colors to our mundane black and white world.” ― Caleb Reese

Here are 20 ways to know if you were born to be a writer.

  1. You Like to Read. A lot. You’ll read anything from labels to advertisements to full-length novels. Usually from a variety of genres and authors.

2. When you read, you think of how you could have written the story better. Even if you’ve never actually written a book.

3. You often have great ideas for books or movies that you keep track of in a journal.

4. You have thought of becoming a writer before, but you didn’t go through with it because you’ve heard that most writers are poor.

5. You like to write, obviously. You may have started with flash fiction and short stories only to progress to longer works.

6. You have dreams of becoming a bestselling author or winning a literary award.

7. You sometimes prefer books over people and you prefer reading a great book over going to a party.

8. Whenever you read a bad book, you know exactly when and why the story went downhill and how to fix it.

9. Your grammar is above average and mistakes that others miss stick out to you.

10. Your TBR (To Be Read) pile has more books in it than you could read in your entire lifetime, but you like it that way.

11. Whenever someone asks you what you want for your birthday or Christmas you ask for books or gift cards to bookstores.

12. You have a typewriter that is basically a cool decoration. You may have even used it once or twice.

13. Your heroes are writers and authors or even your favorite book characters.

14. You like to watch people in public so you can use the information for later stories.

15. You ask your friends, family, and sometimes people you barely know to read your story or blog.

16. You have very vivid dreams that you know will be bestsellers, but when you wake up you remember very little or nothing at all.

17. Once you have an idea stuck in your head, you’re dying on the inside until you have the chance to write it down.

18. You keep a pad of paper near your bed because you know your brain will give you great ideas while you’re trying to sleep.

19. You’re constantly reaching out to people in the writing industry through social media.

20. You’re always inspired to write something new.

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