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PG: M. Conley $2

SG: A. Bradley $1

SF: K. Middleton $2

PF: Greek Freak $3

C: The Brow $5

6th Man: Jae Crowder $1

Change: $1

LENGTH!!! Steph, KD and Thompson thrive when you give them time throughout the game to work out their defender and how to beat them through the course of the game (see Klay’s 37 point quarter agains McLemore, utter destuction of one defender, or Steph struggle against San Antonio March 30th, Coach Pop defended Curry with 5 or 6 different players, and he shot 1–12 from 3.) With this line up I can defend all three with my 1–4 and leave the Brow to do UniBrow things to Green (Triple Double with Blocks?) Glass is handed with my back court. And I still have room to fit in Swiss army knife Jae Crowder 2–4 from the bench to give anyone a break because chasing those Warriors will be exhausting, and leave me another dollar to spend on a bench that will be almost non-existent on the Warriors.

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