Alexpander of Boyfriend Plus

In the middle of July I went on two dates with a girl and we were crazy about each other. We started dating immediately. Sadly, she lives in France and I live in Hong Kong. So we did the long distance thing, it wasn’t so bad, it’s much easier these days with voice and video calls.

At the end of August I took a week off work and flew to Paris to visit her. The flight takes thirteen hours, and I decided I should write a Boyfriend script for Boyfriend Plus. Really there’s no good reason to do that, the scripts written by our writers are really popular, and writing a script takes a really long time. There’s better things for me to spend my time on. I just did it because I wanted to.

Typically the scripts written by our writers are really serious and romantic. I enjoy writing comedy most, so I created Alexpander as a bit of a joke, he’s supposed to come off as a lovable idiot. I think I may have failed to deliver on the lovable part.

Part of Alexpander’s Script

It takes me a really long time to put together a 10,000 word script. I wrote about one fifth on the plane, after I landed I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish the script on the trip. Things went well with my girlfriend at first, for the first five days we got along fine and everything was perfect. Paris is a beautiful city and I was enjoying every moment of it. Sadly mid way through the trip something, and I’m not really sure what, went wrong. She seemed constantly annoyed with me. I’ve come to realise she just didn’t want to be with me anymore. She realised I’m not the sort of guy she wants. We didn’t break up, but mid way through the trip I had a lot more time on my own. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just rode bikes around Paris, found a good spot to sit down and worked on my script.

There was something romantic about sitting by the Seine, watching French people acting French and writing in my notebook. I wasn’t writing a great masterpiece, I was writing a silly story about a silly guy who tries really hard to achieve his unambitious goals. While I was writing the script, I was feeling terrible, I kind of new my relationship was over, and I didn’t want it to be. It was a terrible feeling, but I also sort of enjoyed it. Not sure why, maybe because it was a new emotion.

I got the script done while I was in Paris, and to me it’s really funny, but the people who play Boyfriend Plus almost certainly are not playing it for the same reason as me.

Negative feedback for Alexpander

Alexpander Summary

Alexpander is a guy working at a fast food restaurant. He loves his job, and loves harassing the customers. His goal in life is to cook spaghetti bolognaise. Every night after work Alexpander goes home and attempts to achieve his life time goal, but he always fails in some weird way. You meet him at a spaghetti museum.