The Composer: Graham Reynolds on the new sound for GRIMM TALES and storytelling through music

Ballet Austin
Mar 22 · 6 min read
Artistic Director/Choreographer Stephen Mills and Graham Reynolds at work in Graham’s studio.

How did you get involved in GRIMM TALES?

What was your initial reaction to the book? How do you work with visual stimuli?

Image from “The Juniper Tree” in GRIMM TALES. Artwork by Natalie Frank

In dance, the music has a special place to be guiding the narrative. How do you tell a story through sound?

The music at the performance will be performed live. Has this element affected your composition process?

What is the instrumentation of the score?

GRIMM TALES is Reynolds third collaboration with Mills on a full-length, narrative ballet.

Are you playing yourself?

How have you used instrumentation to personify different characters?

You talk about making a playlist as soon as you start a project to find your influences and jumping off point. What was in your playlist?

What drives you to take the projects that you do and how do you continue to come up with fresh ideas?



March 29–31
The Long Center

Ballet Austin

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Through excellence & stewardship, we create, nurture and share the joy of #dance. Led by Artistic Director Stephen Mills

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