My Not-To-Do List
Robert Duffner

My Not-To-Do -List

Inspired by Robert Duffner’s My Not-To-Do List.

1- I do not say yes to every request

It’s far better to say no, rather than say yes and cary out poor quality work or lose your focus on what matters most.

2- I do not check my phone in the morning

I’m sure that I have much better things to do than checking my phone. and I could get so much done if I did.

3- I do not imagine the obstacles to a goal I want to achieve

I should stop thinking of the obstacles before even start doing .Obstacles do not have to stop anyone and without obstacles you can’t achieve anything.

4- I do not check my email in the morning

Lately I tried new approach of leaving the office with TMW To-Do-List ,so checking my email in the morning will not let me full onto my To-Do-List and making progress on important tasks.

5- I do not skip a workout for more than two weeks

It is ok to skip a workout from time to time but it should not exceed more than two weeks ,and includes light activity such as long walk,and yoga instead of being lazy all day.

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