How to make your Facebook posts better with these amazing ways

Facebook is a brilliant way to share your content, market and gain a wide audience and spread your customer base. This article aims at giving you, an insight into a few tricks of the trade to gain a better reach to your Facebook audience.

Fun fact : Did you know that on any given day there are about >1000 posts appearing on an average person’s wall, but the users see only 20% of the posts.
Here is how to make yours stand out of the crowd.

1. Try to avoid click-baits. 
Facebook has come up with an algorithm that devalues the posts which generate a lot of clicks but people spend a very short amount of time in the page/post. Such posts tend to get devalued that is will not appear in the news feed or has a lower priority of appearing. More than anything, your page tends to lose its reputation over a period of time due to click bait.

2.Write clear headings that communicate what the article or post is about. 
Now this way users who do not want to read the article will skip past whilst the actual readers will spread the required time reading your article and this will boost the priority of your post as the time spent by the user on your post will be more.

3. Keep the Title < 100 characters. 
Doing this helps in making sure none of your vital information which you want to convey or have in your title gets missed out on. Facebook tends to reduce the title when it appears in the news feed as a post, only the first 100 characters make it and the rest get shrieked into a read more link. 
Making sure your title is below 100 characters can make your title more effective and concise.

4. Try to play with your punctuations 
Research shows that usage of hashtags tends to increase the number of clicks to your post by a significant amount, also search based on your specified hashtag tends to show your post. 
Asking questions ‘?’ tend to open the post up for discussions and keeps the engagement high. 
An exclamation mark (!), also increases the post views by 2–3 percentage.

5. Note the time of the day and day of the week during which you publish your posts. (this point has nothing to do with auspicious timings mind you.) 
 This is a very important and most researched point of all. Your post can have up to 200% more reach than it normally would have if you understand what time of the day your target audience are most active on. 
 Generally, posts published after work hours or before work hours (10 A.M-4 P.M) tend to have more immediate discussions and reach compared to the rest. 
 Similarly, posts published on Weekends tend to have greater hits as of those on weekdays.

6. A picture is worth a thousand words, well in our case at least a hundred can help.
Adding a related image to the post or a sketch can boost the post views more than just plain text . Keep in mind the aspect ratio and allowed image size while adding a picture. The image tends to either get shrunk or cropped off while adding as a post, save yourself from the embarrassment by using a template like this.

7. Use images rather than text whereever possible.

In the post, a simple point can be better represented as an image which engages the customer a lot more than what plain text does. Users can use sites like ‘canva’ to help in this case. ‘Canva’ has a lot of templates and easily allows users to convert any text to a picture. This has a positive effect on the reader

8. Use quality content which isn’t plainly copied around from the internet.
People tend to have an aversion towards plagiarised content, so avoiding the same will be better.
Give out due credits where ever necessary and also if possible provide links to the original post as well. Do some quality research on what you write, take your time to edit and proofread the same.

Good Luck and cheers. :)

I have just started out in this world of content writing as an intern. This is my first article on medium, do help me become better :).