Semestral Break

I can feel it.

Beaches, malls, parks, staying at home, travel and many more. I can feel the freedom. Freedom from overloaded works, projects, assignments, and other hazardous work what you may think. Every moment, I heard these 2 words I feel delighted. That weird feeling that gives you the urge to jump at the cliffs, do you feel it the way i do? No response, so, I consider that a yes. Why I like sem break? Well, this is the moment we can relax. No assignments. No projects. No teachers. No boss. And no annoying classmates. It’s the time where your bosses or teachers are doing something fun together with their family and maybe with their friends. This is the time when you can do what you want to do for just 1 week or 2 weeks, i guess.

But first, i need to finish all my projects and to get a passing grade. And then i can “walwal” to the nth level. Pray for me! :)

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