June 28, 2019

Ban Google From Pride (Twitter: @NoPrideForGoog, Medium: @BanGoogleFromPride) are proud to announce that a group of Googlers, employees of Google and Alphabet, will be marching in protest of policies and practices regarding the treatment of LGBTQ+ persons, the depiction of LGBTQ+ persons, and harassment and hate speech directed at LGBTQ+ persons, on YouTube and other Google products, in the June 30, 2019 San Francisco Pride Parade.

We are deeply disturbed that leadership at Google and YouTube has failed to offer any commitment of protection for the LGBTQ+ community, despite repeated requests for such changes through internal channels, publicly, and via our open letter signed by over 140 of our fellow Google employees. We believe that there is no room for harassment and discrimination on YouTube. We use our participation in the Pride Parade as an opportunity to continue loudly, proudly, and publicly demanding this change. When employers fail to set policies that align with our values, we as employees are compelled to act to change those policies. Harassment, discrimination, and other hateful depictions of LGBTQ+ persons on YouTube threaten the very lives of the members of our community, including some of the most vulnerable among us, and we will not stand by in silence as Google executives fail to act quickly, and indeed fail to act at all.

We are disappointed that San Francisco Pride will not be revoking Google’s sponsorship, nor removing the company’s official contingent from the parade. The SF Pride Board of Directors had a compelling opportunity to support the protection of vulnerable members of our community and take a lead among respected LGBTQ+ institutions in demanding more from corporations such as Google who, despite many positive contributions, still have a long way to go. However, we also appreciate the board’s willingness to offer us an opportunity to further advocate for the protections we consider so essential. The board reached out to us to invite us to participate in Pride as members of the "Resistance Contingent" as their guests. We would like to thank Jacqeuele Bishop and the other members of the board, as well as the staff at San Francisco Pride, for their invitation, and we are pleased to accept.

We appreciate Pride's attempt to reach a compromise and provide some measure of support for advancing our cause, an approach that Google rejected when it prohibited employees from protesting these policies in any fashion while marching in Google's official contingent at the parade. To date, the company has also refused to outline what specific punishment it will impose for employees who dare to express their view in what they assert is their "platform". But Pride is not a platform. Pride is a protest!

We wish to thank all those fellow employees as well as activists and community members who have offered us their support. And, while we disagree, we would like to thank our colleagues who choose to march in the official contingent. We believe the vast majority of them share our belief in the need to better protect the LGBTQ+ community on YouTube and beyond, and we look forward to continuing the conversation both inside and outside of Google.

We are proud to continue the tradition of "Generations of Resistance". Please join us in protest on Sunday at the San Francisco Pride parade on Market St, on Twitter @NoPrideForGoog, and on Medium @BanGoogleFromPride. We hope to see you there! #NoPrideForYT

About Ban Google From Pride

Ban Google From Pride (Twitter @NoPrideForGoog, Medium @BanGoogleFromPride) represents Google employees who believe their employer, Google LLC and Alphabet (NASD: GOOGL) has failed to sufficiently protect LGBTQ+ persons from harassment, discrimination, and hate speech on YouTube and other Google products. On June 26th, 2019, we published an open letter signed by over 140 Google employees, urging San Francisco Pride (sfpride.org) to revoke Google’s sponsorship, and exclude Google from representation in the San Francisco Pride Parade, until Google and YouTube make the necessary improvements to policies and practices, and make a clear commitment to protect the community on YouTube, on an ongoing and urgent basis.

"For those whose very right to exist is threatened, we say there is no time to waste, and we have waited too long, already. We are no longer content to wait."

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