Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has suggested for Russia to use El Petro’s cryptocurrency in oil payment

Bananex Exchange
Dec 7, 2018 · 1 min read

VTV Canal 8 reports

He said that his proposal was already included in the “economic map of work for the next six years” from the joint commission of the two countries, which will be launched in March next year.

The Venezuelan leader noted that El Petro will help free the country from the currency “used by Washington’s elite for blackmail, attacks on the peoples of the world, economic damage, financial prosecution, as is the case with Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Russia.

As Nicholas Maduro said, from 2019, Venezuela intends to sell oil for El Petro. In the near future, he added, a plan will be presented on this issue.

Nicolas Maduro raises the price of El-Petro cryptocurrency, “provided with oil” 2.5 times earlier

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