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Team allocated tokens are a way to compensate and motivate team members to pursue the development of their project. The percentage of total supply varies but the same concept exists in all projects.

We have seen many teams selling their allocated tokens while abandoning their project development after it’s success, leaving big communities and investors with worthless tokens.

Bancacy started with the same business model as any project in the market — team allocated tokens that would be sold to make a profit for team members.

Introducing our new approach

Burning 95% of the allocated team tokens every month(starting from 11/03/2019) over the course of 12 months. …

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Millions of dollars are lost annually in online hacks that exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts, and the crypto space suffers from a lack of investor engagement due to illiquidity and volatility in trading markets. Unless we first secure contracts that operate at the intersection of real users and real funds in real-life use-cases and then incentivize investors to enter and participate in the market, the crypto and blockchain spaces will continue to face an uphill battle in terms of adoption and acceptance. …


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