Black and White Iceland Luxury Travel Agent

Our dedication to providing exemplary assistance to the most particular clients encompasses the entire Iceland luxury travel, lifestyle management and concierge services. The in-depth knowledge of the area can only be found in a company with a local ties, which makes us particularly equipped to provide the utmost in first class services for all your Icelandic destination desires.

The expectations of our most discerning clients is merely the base minimum we strive for. What we deliver is so much more.

Iceland continues to become more popular for an international vacation destination. Perfect for relaxation and excitement, many celebrities, famous personalities and business executives enjoy the unique features Iceland has to offer.

Many flock to this northern country for the glorious natural scenery, clean, crisp air and pure glacial waters.

Our goal is to create the ultimate vacation experience for discriminating travelers, whether they come alone or in a group. Every step of the way, sheer luxury and comfort is at the top of our focus list.

For our clients who enjoy more exclusive travel arrangements, we can accommodate the desire for private jets and helicopters to transport you throughout Iceland.

We offer an exhaustive array of hotels and inns to suit your every whim. If they do not suffice, we also can arrange lodging in one of our exclusive lists of private properties. Our concierge service can help you no matter where you stay to make your time in Iceland truly a luxurious experience.

The combination of Iceland’s awe-inspiring scenery, adventure or relaxation in equal measure and the ultimate in luxury creates a true journey of mind, body and spirit. We offer experiences specifically catering to your needs and desires.

Our professional concierges have extensive local knowledge and a true drive to make every travelers experience amazing from start to finish.

B&W Travel Concierge Service is dedicated to every aspect of Icelandic travel. Many travel agencies can assist with transportation and a hotel. We specialize in going far beyond the basics to deliver an exceptional luxury experience for you and your group. We can assist in making reservations at top restaurants, sporting events, the hottest nightclubs, golf courses, day trips and tours as well as organizing local transportation, spa and salon appointments and even presence and flour arrangements.

We strive to accommodate any wish in order to make your travel experience exemplary.

From a simple family vacation to a destination wedding to an executive tour, we are dedicated to creating an experience that creates lifetime memories. Our goal is not simply your satisfaction, but instead your pure, unforgettable enjoyment of Iceland and everything it has to offer.

Since we work with well-known personalities, discretion and privacy are always a focus of our services. Whether you travel to Iceland for business or pleasure, we can provide a top-notch experience that is always private.

We look forward to working with you to create the ultimate luxury trip to Iceland. We hope this beautiful country and our exemplary service combined to create a lifetime of spectacular memories for you.


Stefan Thorisson

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