On The Road Scroll Maker

I was in a meeting with artists and writers when one of them talked about On The Road scroll. Then I thought… I could make a machine dedicated to Kerouac’s novel, and here we are again…

3d case letters

For On The Road Scroll Maker I used:

. Arduino Nano
. A thermal printer
. Annet A8 3d Printer for the case
. 5V power source
. Led, resistors, switches and cables
. C++ programming code
. LCD Assistant Software to convert BMP image

Operating the machine is pretty simple. You have to turn the key car-like, then you have to press the button to start printing On The Road scroll.

Behind the scenes

On The Road Scroll Maker is just another device nobody asked for. Think of this machine as a tribute to Kerouac or a piece of weird art. Whatever works.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at @RoniBandini

3d Printed logo
Circuits and stuff
On The Road Scroll Maker