Is That The Best Your Social Media Team Can Do?

I want to expand my client roster. Thus I have been reaching out to bands and businesses who I think I could help. As I learned back in my dating years, a number of people will not be interested in me. And I can deal with that rejection, thanks in part to therapy and large quantities of red wine.

What strikes me as odd though is when the person says, “We already have a team handling our social media.”

Really? A team? You average one post a week. And it is usually along the lines of “Catch me next Friday at…” Occasionally you go wild and put up a second post, something edgy like “I love a good salad!”

My fear is that this is not a lie created to let me down gently. It’s not like when women said to me “I just committed to joining a convent” or “I want to try and work things out with my ex, even though he still has three years left on his sentence.”

I worry they really do have a team working on their social media. I worry that a group of people spent days crafting the next post, only to come up with “Please buy this.”

I may never know.