Browsers nowadays have a unique tool where they keep all the information. Among these are the access data to websites and their passwords.

Since this data is essential, it is difficult to be without access to them; This is what is happening now to Firefox users that use AVG antivirus. They are losing access to their passwords.

Since the version 67.0.2 of Firefox was released there began to be reported problems. All report about the loss of all access data to websites, with usernames and passwords, are being targeted.

If you use AVG antivirus, you may have the problem

The cause of this failure has already been identified and is…

Whoever looks the first time for the new Banana Pi BPI-M4 will surely come to the idea of the world’s most popular mini PC, the Raspberry Pi 3. This new “machine” stands out for having support for 4K content and value around the $40.

Let’s get to know more features of this small but powerful mini PC.

It’s called Banana Pi BPI-M4 and is the new solution available in the market for mini PCs. Although small, this mini PC comes with support for 4K content playback and the 40-pin board allows fitting Raspberry Pi HAT plates.

In terms of RAM…

Photo courtesy of Kyle Fitzgerald

In this tutorial will be described the objectives of the elaboration phase of the web server project plus NextCloud server. It is known that the primary purpose is the practical result of the project, that is, a peripheral and a computer application useful for the average user.

1. Materials:

1.1. Hardware:

The hardware used in this project was the following list:

  • Mini PC with an x86 CPU;
  • USB Drive with ~8 to 16GB
  • keyboard;
  • Mouse;
  • Monitor;
  • USB charger;
  • Internet Connection (router with DMZ support);
  • VGA cable with HDMI converter.

1.2. Software:

There is no question of the commitment of space agencies to develop methods and products that help us to live in space. After all, as cosmologist Stephen Hawking repeatedly repeated, “the human race will have to leave Earth to survive.” Thus, we are living in an era of significant technological innovations dedicated to extraterrestrial life.

The astronauts are about to test a new device called “Photobioreactor.” This system uses live seaweed to convert carbon dioxide into respirable oxygen and produce edible foods.

Image from DLR

Creating the seaweed life support system

Astronauts from the International Space Station began testing an innovative bioreactor. …

SSH is essential to server management. And although Linux is considered to be secure out of the box, it is advisable to follow the industry’s best method to secure your server; this post will walk you through some of the options available to harden OpenSSH. The instructions may work for other flavors of Linux but is intended for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

For instance, you need to update the software applications regularly, use strong passwords and install a secure firewall to safeguard your system from hackers.

Warning: Messing with how SSH works can be dangerous. You can very easily lock yourself…

One of Portugal’s most iconic monuments was partially destroyed during the recording of a film. Everything happened at the Convent of Christ, in Tomar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For three weeks, the symbol of the Order of the Templars was leased for the filming of a film by the director Terry Gilliam. In this cloister, the production made a bonfire of 20 meters. For this, he had cut the trees that embellished the monument and broke old stones.

The General Directorate of Heritage says the damage was an accident. The producer of the film guarantees that everything was authorized. Behind this case, we have also discovered a scheme that may set the State out of the box office revenue that will last for decades.

Update: Director of the Convent of Christ accused of embezzlement

The program “Friday at…

The Cubes in Space international competition, backed by NASA, led an 18-year-old Indian to create what is perhaps the smallest satellite in the world.

To test the durability of the satellite created using a 3D printer, NASA will ship it on a space mission next month.

A small cubic structure in carbon fiber, printed through a 3D printer and just 64g will be part of NASA’s next space mission, in a durability test.

This structure is a satellite developed from scratch by an 18-year-old in the Cube in Space competition. According to Rifath Shaarook, its creator, this satellite will have…

The war between AMD fanboys and Nvidia made their first victim. According to information coming from, after the website from the land of Vladimir Putin was translated, a Russian programmer killed his friend after a heated discussion about who makes the best video cards: AMD or Nvidia.

Aleksander Trofimov, 37, was handed a nine and a half year prison sentence for killing former work colleague Evgeny Lylin with two stab wounds, the incident took place over an year ago, But he got convicted and sentenced only recently. The crime occurred in September 2016 in the city of Saransk.


Since it was released, Windows 10 has always been accused of “spying” on users and, also for not providing the necessary functionality so that the user could control what is being sent to Microsoft. Although forgotten for a few months, this privacy issue, in Microsoft’s main operating system, is back to the discussion, because the European Union wants more clarification on what is done with the information.

For many this issue was already resolved but the European Union, through the group Article 29 (in charge of complying with data protection laws), again pressures Microsoft, according to Reuters. …

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