Meetups with Bank4YOU Founders.

Bank4YOU Group is on a drive to encourage people to pursue networking opportunities at at meetup events being held across Asia. It believes that this leads to better communication and interaction between event particpants.

In pursuit of this aim, the company recently participated at the WeChain and IbdI hosted meetup in Hong Kong on 12th November, where Bank4YOU founder pitched the MMRS ICO at Hong Kong Bitcoin Center. The IbdI institute unites the international association of experts of research in the blockchain industry keen to hear the founder’s presentation of the project.

BTW, you can take a look at the presentation too, just follow the link:

The Genesis Block is A home place for community keen on networking, education, and events, The Genesis Block is a physical space in Wan Chai for bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Developers, investors, entrepreneurs and other creatives keen on the blockchain technology are going to hear the story of the project ideation and ongoing achievements. The founder’s speech suitably impressed a wide audience of traders, speculators, investors, and analysts has been impressed of the founder’s speech.

The next stop for the Bank4YOU Group’s roadshow is Singapore. A closed meetup only for CryptoTraders will be held Thursday 14th December. The after-work Crypto HypeUp starts with an introductory speech given by an industry leader, who has experience in successful project launching out of Singapore.

The speech will be followed by three projects (including Mobile Money Remittance System) presenting their innovative projects and answering audience’s questions. The event will come to closure with the leader’s concluding speech. which will include a review of every presentation. This would be followed by all participants being invited to have more intimate networking sessions.

Seoul will welcome MMRS pitch on the 12/18/17.