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We understand that the abbreviation change seemed to be a quite controversial decision for you all. At the moment of registering a smart contract Bank4YOU Group came to a conclusion that we need the token name to be catchy and easy to remember. Our copywriting department proposed to make these changes and enter the market with a new concept of Muscular and Strong Token, that will beat all other ones on exchanges.

You all got used to call our token BFY, but we hope that BEEFY will be even easier to keep in mind. We are sorry for any inconveniences or misinterpretations that could have happened regarding our rebranding process. Etherscan has confirmed the migration of the token.

Do not hesitate to express your thoughts and join the discussion at our official Telegram group chat.

🗣First owners of BEEFY tokens might have already received them on their ETH wallets. Check them ASAP!

We are in the process of sending tokens to the bigger contributors, who had joined us in private placements. So keep the hand on pulse of our updates. The next week is going to be HOT💥!

Let’s start celebrating! Happy week-end, dear community!

🌈The Team is thrilled with an opportunity to hear back from you at our Telegram channel. We are waiting for your thoughts on the process, you are strongly encouraged to delve into the passionate discussions regarding the further fate of BEEFY.


Bank4YOU Group

First convergence of cryptocurrencies and mobile network accounts. Latest publications by our team members can be found there:

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