A Cyber Security way to use TweetDeck

Treat Intelligence via Twitter monitoring

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Aug 23, 2018 · 3 min read
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TweetDeck Platform Overview

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. You can use this platform in order to monitor specific keywords and hashtag related to your interest.

TweetDeck gives you a dashboard that displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter accounts. For example, you might see separate columns for your home feed, your notifications, your direct messages and your activity — all in one place on the screen. You can also reorder these columns, delete them and add new ones from other Twitter accounts or for specific things like hashtags, trending topics, scheduled tweets and more.

You can basically design your TweetDeck dashboard any way you like that best fits your tweeting needs. It saves you time and energy from needing to sign in separately to each account, switch between pages and post everything separately. Here the list of different columns views:

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TweetDeck columns types

Why use TweetDeck in CyberSecurity?

With this simple platform you can follow and monitoring in real time specific malwares, threat actors, malware campaigns and account interaction.

If you’re interested in following a specific trending topic, you could add a column for that trending topic keyword or phrase to show you all the tweets happening in real time.

With TweetDeck you can add unlimited columns for your hashtag / accounts and words monitoring

You can set different filter of your content. Here the Filter types:

  • you can exclude specific words for avoid false positive in the tweets list or specify the tweets timeframe
  • you can also choose the language and decide if include retweets or not.
  • you can filter in base of tweet location or, if the hashtag generates too much noise, filter by Tweet authors.
  • you can also decide to see only the tweets in base of their engagement.

TweetDeck search support also the Boolean expressions (AND / OR):

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…free your imagination and let me know if you have any interesting and useful “search” strings for everyone…

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