Building On-ramps to Financial Health

Having a savings account, investing — is a luxury that most of us don’t even get to think about. We’re too worried about how we’re going to get by until we get our next pay check. While many Americans are downloading progressive digital tools that help them save, manage and accumulate wealth, others don’t even have access to basic financial services such as free check cashing and loans with reasonable interest rates. Instead they’re forced to rely on predatory Alternative Financial Services that make it expensive to access and spend their own hard earned money.

Everyday, hard working people are stuck in a system that’s designed to keep them where they are. Unbanked. Struggling. Unable to move forward. Or upward. Living paycheck to paycheck, trapped and feeling hopeless.

Today, in America alone, there’s over 15.6 million people that manage their finances using Alternative Financial Services that charge them huge amounts in fees just to complete everyday banking tasks. We spend $1.9 Billion on cashing checks and money orders, $1.2 Billion on money transfers, $1.8 Billion on prepaid debit and $130 Billion on payday loans! We deserve better, our families deserve better. There has to be a better way.

Saving is a critical part of developing financial stability and growth and it’s ultimately what creates economic security and opportunity. Without having savings workers can’t buy homes, start small businesses or pay for education. If we can’t build and create wealth, we can’t break the cycle of poverty.

This is what we want to fight. Poverty and the right to simply be able to save. We want to build the on-ramp to personal financial health. We want to help break the cycle. We’re a team of thinkers, dreamers, engineers, scientists, designers, believers, artists, makers and activists. We are Stack.

Stack is redefining Alternative Financial Services for the unbanked and underbanked. To learn more and stay up to date with our latest developments please visit

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