A Long Overdue Update

KC Efosa Obano

This time 2 years ago, I posted a write-up that shared my thoughts on doing more to help others- especially when we find ourselves in privileged circumstances (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/great-privilege-comes-responsibility-efosa-kc-obano/).

This was at a time when my personal goals/ambitions had just changed, and I related the message to my own context. Shortly after, and driven by that desire, my U of T classmates and I launched a non-profit student organization https://www.africanimpact.ca/ . Our mission was very simple; to make a positive impact to our African community here in Canada, and back home in our respective countries, in our own little way. It wasn’t an easy task to execute projects and juggle school work, all along with job searching (we were all rounding up in a year/two). I’m sure a lot of recent grads/current students can relate to this. Thankfully we got some things done, and we were recognized by the university just before graduation https://utsc.utoronto.ca/news-events/university-news/creating-professional-opportunities-africans-scarborough-earns-award-international .

As nice as it felt to get that recognition, it didn’t feel like we had done enough. I really wanted to focus on doing things back home, and it was hard to do that while in school. We decided to keep the organization functional in U of T (there’s an awesome team of students building on the work we did) since it started off okay. The U of T team is currently planning for their next conference, and it looks like it’ll be even better than last year’s.

We also went ahead to officially incorporate it as a non-profit organization. This has been helpful with fund raising. After that, I started working with a new team of recent grads, and planning for our first project back home. We currently face a new challenge of combining this with our different jobs/post graduate programs. Thankfully everyone involved has been supportive, and God has still been kind. We will be launching this project in partnership with a community hospital in Southern Nigeria (Akwa-Ibom state) over the Christmas break. It is a health care project, and I’m really excited to learn from it as we try to make an impact in their community. We also intend on using it to highlight some of the bigger issues faced back home.

As we can see, I’m very bad with updates, so it’ll be better if you follow us on social media to stay informed on what we do. We will be sharing details on the next conference and the health care project very soon!

Our pages:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/africanimpactca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AfricanimpactCA

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/african-impact-initiative/

Also feel free to reach out directly, at canada@africanimpactinitiative.com

KC Efosa Obano

Written by

Hope to spend life solving problems + helping people

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