The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

These articles are so good at finger pointing, race and gender baiting. It’s really sad. Women in the media like 
Elizabeth Grattan are still in denial about the real reasons they lost the election — It wasn’t the white “woman” that caused them to lose, no excuses needed — or given by the Trump voters. Her article is full of the same hate directed towards Americans that she pretends to despise when it comes from others… i.e. a typical liberal hypocrite.

I’d like to see a bleeding heart, white liberal write an honest piece about the real reason they lost the election…why they couldn’t get their own base to come out and vote for starters- or even better, one about the minorities that decided voting for Trump was a better choice. If they still feel the need to blame someone for the outcome of the election — perhaps they should wake up and realize it is their own candidate that deserves 100% of the blame as *that* is the white woman that is the *biggest* reason for losing of them all, but you won’t hear these facts from Elizabeth, she’d rather make an argument based on her own genders loyalty, or lack thereof to a female candidate that lost, how pathetic.

Hillary needed more than female genitalia to capture 100% of the white female vote. For writers like Elizabeth Grattan, that cannot understand this, they don’t give their own gender enough credit. I applaud all Women that voted their conscience, regardless of who they voted for. Maybe next time the DNC will select an electable candidate that doesn’t harpoon the competition like she did with Bernie Sanders and still expect the vote, and respect of the people. Hillary got what she deserved. Hillary proved she couldn’t handle the responsibility of a top secret security clearance, and now this country doesn’t have to worry about her ever having one again.

The decent white women that voted for Trump do exist — so do the decent latinos and African Americans that did the same. Last reports are 40% of the eligible voters that are out there tossing cars and setting their neighborhoods on fire didn’t even vote! She should blame those ‘fine individuals’ before anyone else, but if she feels the need to blame white women, she should start with Hillary Clinton.

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