Banter Ventures kickstarts HealthTech® Growth Accelerator with first startup.

Simplicity by subtraction.

After a number of big fundraising rounds over the last few weeks, Banter Ventures has now made its first acquisition as part of their new HealthTech® Growth Accelerator. The company today announced that it has acquired, a community-driven startup, focusing around alternative forms of promoting healthy eating, through a model that will change the face of the health industry forever.

The founder, Sapphire Reynolds, says the startup now sees over 35 monthly visitors, 91.4% of which are consumers of either fruit or vegetables. The startup already hosts its own Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheet documents, which according to their CTO, is web scale.

The startup’s fifteen-year plan takes into account funding, resources, and access to growth networks, that only Banter Ventures has the capacity to provide.

Reynolds — “The team are thrilled to be joining Banter Ventures, which shares the same passion for health and technology as us.”

Siddharth Vadgama, Founding Partner, stated “At Banter Ventures we advocate hackathons, we love to keep an eye out of exceptional projects coming out of them. After hearing of, winning project of the First Annual Eggplant Award at Huskie Hacks, and later rapidly-growing startup, we had to contact the founder.

Reynolds, and the team, immediately struck us with their brilliance. Too often in our daily lives we’re bombarded with information. The constant uninterrupted stream, unbroken can be detrimental to the psyche. Websites constantly telling what you should watch, what you should buy, what you should like. The relief of finally seeing a website where the decision is put back into the hands of the user is revolutionary.”

Check out the startup here: