Joe’s Boxes expands into HH:VanHire

Joe’s Boxes, the London-based boxes-as-a-service start-up, has unveiled a big expansion in their offering today. Now providing physical shipment of their high quality and famously ‘dank’ cardboard boxes and breaking into the already competitive logistics industry.

Despite a government ruling that it’s patent-pending flat-pack box technologies are threatening and potentially disruptive to the existing corporations who run it, pressure from investors such as Banter Ventures means innovation is the only route the British start-up can take to continue it’s series A3 round.

The company on Friday hinted towards launching HH:VanHire, its service which allows users to arrange pick-ups with the private van around the UK, taking its presence to nine cities across the country.

The rollout is a direct challenge to Bil’s Logistics which last month received significant investment from Banter Ventures.

“Not only is it disruptive to the large corporations who have spent years monopolising on the industry, but there’s real danger in it effecting their profits. It also puts pressure on our organisation to grow as fast as Joe’s Boxes and succeed as a start-up. Thanks Joe! — not” said Bilawal Hameed, spokesperson for the Bil’s Logistics.

Banter Ventures has questioned the motives of certain aspects of the new HH:VanHire service and is fully aware that as time goes on, the divide between Joe’Boxes and Bil’s Logistics will only shrink.

“As we continue to invest in the future of innovation and exponential technological change via a course of growth hacking to disruption, we must accept that some of our investments may have some overlap. In this case we are confident that Joe’s Boxes will not directly compete with Bil’s Logistics. Both founders understand that they will still receive the same level of mentorship and disruptive investment as they are used to and are happy moving forward into this new age of ultron” said Manoj Nathwani, the only person available from Banter Ventures.

The move comes just days after chief executive Sami Alabed of Joe’s Boxes spoke of working closely with hackathon organisers “to build a transportation system for the 21st century”.

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