In The Dark Gloom Of The Voting Booth . . .

These last few months have been surreal culminating with this week . . . and something is really nagging and gnawing at me from the inside . . . from my gut . . . this unshakable feeling of dread . . . a sinking helpless sort of despair . . .

I’m beginning to have a sort of ‘informed-lived-in paranoia’ about my fellow Americans . . . those who consider themselves ‘white’ . . . its a depressing realization about what many white voters may have been up to for the longest . . . his poll numbers are actually going UP despite these last few ugly months . . . so it makes me look at white folks with some serious suspsicion that . . .

. . . Many White Voters are going to be On-line(FB, Twitter, etc)and in Real Life, participating in conversations with people of color and other marginalized groups, about this administration and its policies, behavior, rhetoric . . . and actually echo the revulsion and fear these populations have for #45, playing the role of that consolatory, ‘white-ally-balm’ so to speak. We bear our souls to ‘You’, because you’ve earned your place ‘inside our guard’, over the years or through shared experiences, etc.

. . . but in the dark gloom of the voting booth . . . will select Trump (or choose him again).

I can feel it . . . I had the same feeling in 2016 but ignored it or tamped it down. Not again. Fool me once, shame on ‘You’. Fool me twice?

“Well . . . you can’t get fooled again!(Thanks Dubbya for that)”

Not again

Let me say clear and plain what Trump is doing works with White People . . . the attacks and the energy coming from those rallies especially the one last night. . . makes my blood run cold . . .

He is definitely carrying out a White Supremacist’s agenda as Rep. Ilhan Omar said:

If white folks put him back in again, if they vote for him in the plurality again, seeing all that we have seen(many outside of NY could credibly say that he wasn’t a ‘known entity’ to them in 2016 and they just wanted something ‘different’ 🙄 . . .)with today’s sensibilities . . . people of color may withdraw socially from whites . . . out of self-preservation frankly . . . not knowing if ‘Sue-Ellen’ from the PTA or Jason that shares a cubicle with him . . . was one of ‘those secret Trumpites’ . . . we’ll make an excuse to not take part in that thrice a week basketball pickup game at NYSC because we’re ‘just not sure that Brad and Michael’ didn’t vote for #45 (or maybe they actually did last time but lied?)

Here’s why we may ‘withdraw’ and it’s a simple calculus:

If you a white person, knowing me or saying that you’re caring for me and others of color, seeing what has been going on, hearing what has been said, seeing HOW it has been said … and most of all seeing and living with our (POC) mostly extremely negative reactions of fear, being on the receiving end confidentially of our personal worries of loss of life and other racially-tinged depredations, highly-plausible nightmare scenarios also informed by the highly-caustic racial environment precipitated by this administration and for years by his party prior and continuing to present, that may ensnare us, our family, and other friends of color … and you still find yourself supporting him and/or his party … that means that you care nothing for our well-being. Yes I know there may be other relevant nuances(which I get to later) but to us that really doesn’t matter because I can guarantee that the essentially “But-” that sums up your raison d’etre doesn’t include you fearing your death when you walk out of your door just because you look like you do(or be how you were born being if you’re LGBTQ). If you can ‘see past’ your supposed friends and ‘cherished’ Co-workers real chances of physical harm for something objectively of far less importance for yourself … then you’re dangerously duplicitous and your choices are a tacit approval of this administration and his party to harm us even if you aren’t physically doing it yourself.

We don’t need people like that around us in this times of white racist backlash pretending to be allies … you’ll literally get us killed.

So we may do what Muhammad Ali spoke about when dealing with a crowd of rattlesnakes coming to our door that has some ‘good ones’ that ‘won’t bite’ mixed in with the Ones Who Will.

We ‘shut the door just to be sure’ … because our ‘informed lived-in paranoia’ doesn’t trust that the ‘good ones’ will form that bulwark against their ‘bite-happy’ brethren to protect us.

And could you really blame POC at that point?

If that happens, if we get there on a collective scale (because we were very close to that in the aftermath of 2016) … then the White Supremacists win … because at that point the end result will be social segregation which is way more effective because it falls within the realm of a voluntary act … and can’t be undone via a law or any other legal means.😟

Trump is carrying out a White Supremacist Agenda

He’s either too narcissistic and despot minded to realize that . . . or worse he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing . . . and that is chilling

What also is chilling is that there is frankly nothing we People of color can do to stop white people from doing this . . . many in this day and age STILL don’t think anything to do with racism is ‘their issue’ . . . it doesn’t intrude on their personal lives . . .

“So why are you ramming this down my throat . . .? I don’t treat people of color bad . . . what else do you want me to do!?”

“Ok ok ok! He says awful shit but I agree with him on how we should go after China . . . no one else is talking about that to my liking! This racism stuff I can look past that . . . and it depend on who he’s running against (Thanks Chris Cuomo on CNN for that 😟😞)”

Racism for many whites isn’t disqualifying

“. . . I can look past that[This racism stuff]”

^^^^^ . . . is a virtue many whites see as a plus . . . avoidance of race issues, which is the standard, default ‘non-racist’ ‘good white person’ mentality, can be achieved by ‘looking past it’ . . . looking past all that ‘stuff that makes them feel ‘bad’ and squirmy inside’ . . . is now how most whites are . . . they think that’s a ‘good thing’ because in their minds being racist ‘doesn’t stick to them’ . . . this is why when you mention it around them there is this automatic wall . . . of classic white fragility . . . the causes them to react like you’re trying to put a slithering worm 🐛 on them . . .

They don’t realize how racist and white supremacy-enabling such a stance and attitude is

They just don’t see racism as an issue that they need to get personally invested in . . . with that Western Individualist Mindset of Me, Me, Me . . . once they aren’t ‘acting like David Duke’ and treat POC ‘fairly’ (according to their assessment) there is nothing more they need to do or SHOULD be asked to do.

And you can’t make them feel any different

It’s why they reacted with bitter annoyance and frustration at the disruptive tactics of BLM protesters

“I’m doing what I’m ‘told’ I’m supposed to do, being how I’m ‘told’ I’m supposed to be . . . what more do you (‘people’, as in ‘You People!’, is what follows the ‘you’, but they won’t say that, however it’s in their heads . . .) want from me!?? Why are you intruding on my life this way!? I’m not one of those ‘bad ones’! You don’t know me personally . . . why!?”

But in the Dark Gloom of the Voting Booth . . . many whites with a subconscious and growing sense of guilt and anxiety, aroused by our increasing numbers and rising impact/power in various arenas of life and our truth-telling modern-day ‘attitudes’ . . . will vote to ‘make us stop’ . . . will vote to make them feel like their annoyance at The Other is warranted . . .

This doesn’t make them evil in my book . . . it’s a human quality . . . to shy away, avoid ‘discomfort’.

But why what Trump is doing is so dangerous, is that coddling that sort of resentment and attitude in a supposedly modern society that prides itself om being just and fair is retrograde.

Social mores in societies can be changed through social movements and/or revolutions . . . and civil rights was steeped in literal blood, formed in just such crucibles. If society makes it unequivocally clear that feeling such resentments and such beliefs are not and will NOT be acceptable and there are real consequences for such . . . then after a time the populations in said society with adapt on a macro intellectual level to this ‘new insistence’, ‘absorbing’ such like osmosis until it becomes part of every person’s daily, ‘absent’, expected base of beliefs they have about any person they run into on the street or within their sphere of influence . . .

We used to have gun duels to settle arguments and that used to be ‘normal’ . . . now it’s crazy talk

We used to have ‘slavery’ open and flagrant in all it’s brutal ‘splendor’ . . . now it’s unimaginable to present-day populations.

We used to lynch people ‘regularly’ and special train 🚂 and Bus 🚌 Service would be made available to attend the ‘event’ . . . children and picnics would be brought and had at the ‘venue’ . . . pictures taken of the ‘you and the corpse’ or the ‘scum’ and made into postcards and stamps . . . and charred parts taken back and put on mantles proudly displayed and a topic of fond prideful discussions when visitors come a calling to the house . . . all of the aforementioned was once ‘normal’ in this country . . . Now for 99.9999% across all ethnicities it’s unthinkable.


It’s all part of what politicians have over the years called our movement towards a more perfect union

So too can this sort of fragility and white resentment be socialized OUT of the population at large . . . just like the aforementioned practices and social proclivities were.

But it takes a concerted effort at all levels to do this . . . and Trump (and the GOP) is explicitly NOT doing so for selfish, ideological reasons . . . which themselves coincidentally are subject to be ‘retired’, must be . . . as our society supposedly moves towards being a ‘more perfect union’.

But what the GOP and Trump are doing for their own selfish benefit to much national, social deleterious affect is putting in jeopardy some of those hard fought for socializations away from abject racial violence of past times and what I’ve alluded to earlier as examples.

This is why he’s extremely dangerous

He has already and will get more people physically harmed if he is granted another term, and will do irreparable damage to our institutions that have changed in their sensibilities along with the general population in the ways I mentioned above as examples.

But right now there is racial tension between whites and The Other, exacerbated steadily since the civil rights era, reached it’s fever pitch with the election of President Obama, and now being expertly and flawlessly exploited for much political and social benefit by the modern day GOP and it’s Demagogue-in-Chief.

Again this is an extremely dangerous juncture in our country

If he is stopped in 2020 we stand a chance to stop and repair the damage done . . . but if he’s not . . .

I don’t want to even put the thought out there in the ‘E-Ether’ . . . 😟😞

But yeah right now I worry about how far-reaching what Trump is doing is going to be . . . because as a student of history I know it works on whites . . . and there is nothing POC can really do to stop it if it happens . . .

We have to hope that enough whites were sufficiently turned off that he has become a non-starter for them or enough of a revulsion that they show up in numbers of only to STOP him, even if they aren’t enthused about his eventual opposition in the general.

I have to hope . . .

We have to hope an electorally significant amount of whites find Racism absolutely disqualifying breaking with decades of precedent that suggests that it ISN’T.

But I wouldn’t want to take that bet right now . . . not with how I feel in my gut . . . not with the gooseflesh that made me bite my tongue last night watching . . .

I hope I’m wrong . . . I really hope I’m wrong . . . about what may happen in the Dark Gloom of The Voting Booth . . . 😟😞

(C) 7/18/19




“Nuance and Perspective have long been Intimate with the Truth . . .! They are inseparable from Her as well." I try to disburse The Truth and My Truth

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Island Boy Pundit

“Nuance and Perspective have long been Intimate with the Truth . . .! They are inseparable from Her as well." I try to disburse The Truth and My Truth

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