Indirect Lethal Cognitive Dissonance and Racism

This is fucking surreal

Hey white folks let me say again:

DON’T let the media fool you into thinking that Trump is actually reaching out to people of color!

He is NOT!

But to watch CNN and even MSNBC FAIL to call this what it is . . . is infuriating!

Worse too:

They have MORE conservative surrogates on than liberal ones to ‘overwhelm’ the the truth telling that folks like Charles Blow and Angela Rye are doing!


Because this gambit by Trump, if you white folks out there start to believe it is sincere, will cause the polls to tighten . . . which is good for these media companies ratings!


Because many of you white folks, although you won’t admit it, are and have this penchant for overlooking his racism (and racism generally sometimes but more on that later) to vote for him because ‘you just don’t like her . . .!’ And probably ‘don’t know why . . .’

Well I’ll tell you why, in part, that you ‘don’t like her’

She has been on the receiving end of a sustained, decades-old opposition war by the right that has been been poorly if not at all identified as what it is by our Press . . . so folks begin to think that there is ‘something to this’ and it seeps into the subconscious of the nation.

And this all basically T’s many of you white folks up to potentially tacitly endorse the racism and bigotry of Trump because you’re looking for a twofer:

1) a reason to go against her ‘somehow’ due to your subliminal Rightwing hegemonic programming over the decades

And . . .

2) You’re aware that going with someone who is irrefutably and overtly racist makes you look bad and feel bad.

So this little bait and switch is not an overture to the likes of myself . . . it’s to give whites out there a ‘double out’ as I described earlier.

And it’s disgusting and insulting to see and hear so many of you trying to convince yourselves in the Press and in private that you really aren’t a racist for going or considering going with him because “look at what he did in Milwaukee . . .”

I wish you’d stop that — you know who you are — because you will be judged and rightfully seen as the racists you are if you dare support him.

The thing is this sort of mental gymnastics so many whites are arguably doing right now to bring themselves to pull the lever for Trump . . . Is par for the course.

That an unmistakable majority your forebears could sincerely believe that blacks had equal opportunity to do whatever they wanted to do in this country back when the civil rights struggle was raging and people were getting beat and it was all over the news almost nightly . . . speaks to an indirectly lethal cognitive dissonance.


If the majority of your forebears correctly interpreted what was in front of their faces AND were empathetic enough to their shared humanity real and lasting change could have been made.

Maybe we wouldn’t have had so many people die because the white population wouldn’t have stood for the continued violence . . .

But somehow white folks back then found ‘some way’ to convince themselves that ‘all is fine’

Indirectly lethal cognitive dissonance is what that was

And this is just one moment in recent history.

For a more expansive cataloging of historical white cognitive dissonance see this lecture here and read this book by Joy DeGruy.

The same thing is happening again. You may potentially allow yourself to think that this glaring racist is actually ‘not so bad’ and this could potentially mean, if he prevails, federally-initiated law enforcement action and violence against some of our civil rights movements like Black Lives Matter — he has SAID as much!

Indirectly lethal cognitive dissonance is potentially at hand again

And I wish folks would stop it . . . and stop it now.

This entire thing is RACIST and offensive.

Take it from folks of color for once:

DON’T give him the time of day. The country will thank you.

(C) Bantu Rhythms 8/29/16