Leave Nancy The Fuck Alone . . .

The special election GOP candidates use Pelosi as a ‘foil’ against their Democratic opponents in ads in deeply red districts . . . who lost.

So what do some Democrats want to do?

They start crowing for Pelosi to be removed as Minority House leader.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . . counting from 1 to 10 to calm down my emotions . . . 1, 2, 3 . . . 4 . . . fuck it . . .!



Democrats STOP BEING LED AROUND BY THE GOP POLITICS!!! Shit man!! Did she disparage ANY of the candidates? How are the losses HER fault!?

Don’t you learn!??

Well they don’t it seems. Let’s go back to recent and not so recent history to show how letting the GOP’s attacks insinuate themselves inside the party body politic until the ‘faithful’ start to believe these ‘alien-born’ sentiments are actually ‘their own’ . . . NEVER ends well.

Case #1 — Barack Obama

You basically SLANDERED AND INSULTED Barack Obama(and by extension many people of color) by running from him in 2014 because . . .?

Oh yeah:

The GOP ‘told’ you he was ‘unpopular’ . . . despite the fact that if you morons only campaigned on your/His. achievements properly and your platform properly instead of being skittish feckless, suspiciously non-committal assholes(a tad bit racist . . . Just a tad in my opinion but that’s for another post) . . . You might have at least held on to the Senate and maybe a chance to reduce significantly their house numbers.


Policy question after policy question polled extremely high at that time when it came to the Democratic position on things NATIONALLY.

But you didn’t go with that . . . no. You went with the GOP-whispered serpentine smear that . . .

“He’s not very popular in key swing states and districts . . .”

Maybe personally he wasn’t due to all the in-denial and overt racists there . . . but his fucking POLICIES WERE ‘THE SHIT!’ and those same folks thought so.

You got decimated for your betrayal and fakery(not knowing what the fuck you stand for)

And guess what?

The few democrats who held ON to his policies and embraced Barack and what was accomplished WON!

But that isn’t what was taken away from the trouncing . . .

Case #2- Hillary

Irony alert for the next ‘victim’ of you being led around the nose (In part ok? I’m not going to get into her foibles and failures again because it takes away from the point I’m trying to make. Ok my buddies you know who you are?):

(Now the irony is that it’s Hillary who was the one the establishment democrats and candidates in 2014 hitched their wagon to, being disloyal bitches to the titular head of the party, President Obama. Now back to Hillary and my point . . .)

Much of the fervent dislike of Hillary was seeded by a decades old slime campaign against her by the GOP since the 1990's . . . and many liberals just imbibed that hate for her without bothering to examine WHY they did.

That visceral ‘cultivated’ dislike for her was a factor(A FACTOR not THE ONLY ONE OK?) in the schism that formed in Democratic Primary of 2016. That split damaged her enough within the Left that many were ‘Bernie or Bust’, or went Green or voted down ticket but just abstained from making a Presidential choice(#NeverHillary, etc).

And she lost in 2016 to the Marmalade Poltergeist.

I feel I need to break down what happened to her briefly because it was a very successful political, militaristic psy-op against ONE person by the Republican Party. In fact I’d say that what they did to Hillary actually qualifies as a type of hegemony because the entire country had in some way soaked in the bile against her that was constituent of the constant hosing she received in all forms of rightwing media, as well as from GOP ‘personalities’ that permitted on national airwaves (good ratings-generating bombast!).

Remember when she spoke about a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’? It WAS that. A Co-ordinated and dedicated, persistent effort to make sure any future political endeavors she may attempt will be suffocated in the cradle so to speak. This was initiated since she raised hackles by not ‘behaving’ like a non-political ‘accessory’ to the President like many First Ladies past.

This effort was so successful that many liberals and Democrats couldn’t offer anything truly factual about her record for why they just didn’t like her. It was always ‘something about her . . . I just don’t like’. Decades of this campaign began to seep into the national subconscious and infected it to the point where you could play a word association game with Her name and something negative would almost ALWAYS be the utterance regardless of what she had actually done. Some of that is sexism as well but I’m not going to delve into it more in this post

Hillary lost in 2016 in part due to the Left ‘running’ with the GOP-inseminated swill against her.

Case #3-Al Gore

One more example of Democrats ‘listening’ to Republicans and getting their clocks cleaned.

Remember ‘Saint’ Al Gore in 2000?

Well he figured that Bill was ‘too toxic’ due to the GOP-LED moral impeachment of him because he got a little ‘head’ in the Oval . . . never mind the fact that Bill had fully recovered in terms of popularity nationally near the end of his term, which was during the Presidential campaign of 2000.

So Gore refused to have Bill campaign for him and wouldn’t even be seen with him at any Democratic Party events.

And he lost to the guy that was famous for saying Nucular instead of Nuclear.

Shit he lost so bad, he lost his home state of Tennessee. Losing your home state as a presidential candidate is never a good sign. Again Bill was really popular there.

Yeah again he lost . . . because he believed all the noise the GOP were making about probably one of the most gifted politicians in the 20th century who was his president.

We don’t learn . . .


Let me conclude and say some truths about the state of the Democratic Party because I’m going to have anyone from the Bernie folks among other dissatisfied left base members accusing me of loving the status quod:

Yes. A change in the old guard is needed.

They’ve been failing for a while now losing countless seats at all levels of the government. And they’re obstinate as hell too and insist that ‘everything is fine’ when it isn’t. So yeah the old guard needs to change for the viable future of the party and Nancy Pelosi is a member of that. I get the sentiment of wanting her to go.

The point I’m trying to make is a bit nuanced and many will say:

“Who cares how the process of getting them out begins!?? We just want them out!!”

It DOES matter WHERE the impetus to remove the leaders STARTS.

“You can learn a lot from a Dummy!”

Remember that ‘buckle-up’ ad from back in the day? We’ll replace the ‘Dummy’ with the ‘Tea Party/GOP circa 2009/2010'.

During the first demonstrations they held during tax time around 2009 protesting the Obama administration (which hadn’t done shit yet so what were they protesting . . .? 🤔. Oh yeah: Black Man in the White House!! ‘Scary! Squawk!’ . . . but that’s for another post) . . . many in the GOP establishment saw instantly how potent that movement was (even though it was originally an AstroTurf project it soon took on a life of its own with staying power) and some tried to ride its wave, others fought it. Ultimately the establishment lost big. Boehner, Cantor and many others were early ‘scalps’ culminating in the Twitler who now holds the White House.

Here’s the point:

THAT movement STARTED from INSIDE the GOP ranks with absolutely NO regard for what Democrats — THEIR OPPOSITION — or the Press was saying about them.

They didn’t CARE or didn’t use the fact that the Democrats were using certain personalities within the GOP in ad campaigns or in their rhetoric against them. The fact that the opposition didn’t like certain figures in the GOP or railed against certain folks in the GOP was not a consideration in the LEAST for them removing leadership or revamping the power structure.

It was ORGANIC(after the AstroTurf ‘seed’ got overrun).

This call for Pelosi’s head does NOT feel ‘Organic’ . . . It’s fucking REACTIVE.

If you want to truly reform the party, change leadership, etc. it HAS to be from an independent, earnest groundswell WITHIN the ranks. The people that supported Bernie ARE exactly the type of ORGANIC change agents that could precipitate that sort of leadership change because it’s about a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party and what Liberal means. Sorry Hillary folks it is an authentic liberal fulmination that isn’t going away until changes are made.

They’re calling for a change in leadership too but they’ve BEEN calling for it for months now.

These folks yapping about it now are doing ONLY IN RESPONSE TO THE LOSSES THIS WEEK!!

No! Not the way!

These were long shots from jump and the districts have been deeply red for DECADES to the point of being uncontested for multiple election cycles.

The take away from these narrow losses should be:

“Holy Crap! In this Blood Red district we ONLY lost by low single digits!?? That is awesome!”

What the Democratic Party should be taking away from this is that the rage at the GOP from within the ranks of the Democratic Party and in the public is potent. What they should be taking away from it is that much of the public, even in deep red districts are getting fed up with GOP bullshit and are willing to vote blue for the first time in decades.

There was and there IS an appetite nationally for movement LEFT!


Not some reactionary ‘decapitation’ basically ‘asked for’ by the GOP because she has been a thorn in their side for decades!

Like I said if Democrats focus on the energy and rage in the public right now and correctly harness and RESPECT IT AND DEFER TO IT then possibly a change in leadership will ORGANICALLY HAPPEN.

Maybe her being an experienced lawmaker can be useful in reorganizing power and getting the new blood up to speed with how things function. She’s up there in age too and may not be around for much longer. She and others like her may be useful in their roles at present . . . or not. Maybe this movement and energy now washes her out with the chaff.

But it MUST ORGANICALLY happen that way to be truly beneficial to the party.

When you make structural moves based on a reaction from a party, that has NEVER had anything but disdain for your very existence, and treats your right to govern, even if you win elections outright and overwhelmingly, with visceral, frothy-mouthed contempt . . . don’t EVER expect ANYTHING good to come of that.

We’ve been doing that for decades now . . . it’s time to stop.

It time to learn.

Leave Nancy the fuck alone . . . for now.

(C) Bantu Rhythms 6/23/17