National Twilight Zone . . .

We’ve done it . . . we’re really in uncharted territory now . . .

Let’s just start with the nascent stories about #45 and his associates and their spectacular comeuppances and deserved ruin

Cohen gets three years

POTUS IS an ‘un-indicted co-conspirator’ . . . but the GOP are still firmly behind him . . . going through ridiculous levels of logistical and rhetorical Gish Galloping and irrationality to defend him . . .

And this is what is bugging me . . . the inanity of the ‘hair-splitting’:

“So Trump knew that what he was asking to be done in terms of the payment to the two women was ‘improper’ . . . but not necessarily ‘illegal’ . . .”



People this is what you will — and have started to — hear His defenders go on TV and radio drill down on with religious fervor . . .

“Well he was the lawyer . . . he should have known what was illegal or not . . .”


I can’t . . .

And folks out here will actually hold on to this thin-ass argument for dear life . . . When if you tried that shit with moms or pops back in the day . . . you’d get that ass beat even MORE for even TRYING such a transparent deflection:

Linda listen! Listen! You said no cookies until You give permission . . . but you didn’t explicitly say I couldn’t take any cookies from The Jar . . .”

WHAP!!! . . . right upside my ‘scubes’

And I’d deserve it too!

How are people actually swallowing this logistical drivel and sleight of hand!??

It’s a difference without a distinction!

What the hell do you think ‘improper’ means!?!?Does someone have to explicitly say ‘illegal’ to you!?

Plus here is the literal elephant in the damned room:

We as a country and in either party prior to now would NEVER have accepted that a President . . . feels no compunction doing something that is ‘improper’!














The willingness to even DEBATE the ‘subtleties’ of this INSANE argument is driving me nuts . . . and my bullshit meter is sparking and is so overworked I may need to trade it out for a nuclear-powered ☢️, vibranium “Model-19T” version!

Trump did something untoward to gain a prize and he didn’t give a DAMN about legalities!

That’s who he, his cronies and family are:

They don’t think anything should stand in the way of what they want to do . . . not morals, traditions, ethics . . . and for damn sure not the LAW.

Folks like this are worse than Mob Bosses because there is among them this inherent acknowledgment that what they do is illegal but they take the risk anyway fully expecting that if they get caught . . . they WILL get punished

People like Trump do the same . . . but actually think that the law ‘is not for them’ . . . they believe this as absently and totally as they breathe. They think that whatever they do there supposed to be no consequences . . . they think that is some sort of birthright . . .!

“I have people to fix that . . . to handle those things . . .”


Their ‘fixers’ had better not disobey . . . or not only will they be fired but these ‘miffed’ ‘self-imbued Gods Of Opulence’ will make it their personal mission to Zeus Lightning their behinds, making them radioactively-repellant ☢️ in terms of future employment with any of their ‘deistic peers’ . . . shit they may even try to render useless any basic professional licenses, their former fixers may have sacrificed, in a way these wealthy assholes will never know, to acquire . . . rendering that qualification incapable of supporting themselves or their families at any level at which they can hold their heads straight!

Again like I said earlier:

They don’t think anything should stand in the way of what they want to do . . . not morals, traditions, ethics . . . and for damn sure not the LAW.

This state of affairs is particularly GALLING to me because when President Obama was in and Clinton before him . . . you’d SWEAR that the Democratic POTUS was the Anti-Christ.

But here we have a president unapologetically and brazenly wrecking tradition, decorum, proud of his objectively, factual anemia-fueled world view, calcifying it to diamond-hard 💎 endurance and resistance ‘as the crowd cheers’ . . . and now the smoke from the apparent realization that he (and his family and associates!!) has been breaking the law and continues to do so, is so thick and ‘hot’ our clothes and fabrics are starting to catch alight the closer we get to the truth . . .

And people STILL support this man!?? He’s polling is actually in the normal range for previous presidents at this time in their terms . . .! 😖













This man is NOT fit for this office

I don’t care what the electoral college certified . . . EVERYTHING about him and his peer/family/cabal around him is WRONG!!

You cannot DARE criticize President Obama and still support Trump . . . you can’t.


This is NOT OK!

This is NOT OK!

This is NOT OK!

Did I say that . . . This is NOT OK!!?

Cohen was and is scum but he is way more luculent (WOTD 😎😏) than the person who holds the office of POTUS!

This is NOT OK!

This is NOT OK!

This is disqualifying!!

And that so many people STILL will hold on to such ridiculous squiggles of logic JUST to ‘claim’ some semblance of legitimacy and bestow it on that orange pustule of a man at 1600 Pa Ave . . . is STILL, after two years of this shit, FLABBERGASTING to me . . . for that I’m thankful but only ‘just’ because it means I still give a damn . . . but sheesh!

Look at the DAMAGE being done!

The hypocritical scale of his supporters who used to bay at the moon like an ancient Neolithic Cult about Bill and President Obama . . . is like an apatosaurus 🦕 compared with a ‘gourmet’ (what the fuck does that adjective preceding ‘tribe rodentia’ even mean?! Do we EAT the poor little guy?? But that’s for another time . . . 😐)lab mouse 🐁!

And the NORMALIZATION of it ALL . . . with all dizzying contradictions, evil, crass, racist, counter factual, proud intellectual incuriosity . . . makes past Presidents and personalities on the Right who did unimaginable just plain BAD look like Boy Scouts and smiling, chubby, bounding-like-impalas ‘Cherubs’ in comparison!!

And that is not right!

John McCain may have well have been a saint! (Full disclosure but even I got so caught up with the resetting of Decency’s Sea Level Trump precipitated, that some of my more astute liberal and progressive buddies had to intellectually chin-check my ass . . . and although I was miffed at the time, I really have to thank y’all. You know who you are. 😏😉)

Dubbya seemed like a harmless bumbling Boy Scout

And they just about DEIFIED Mr Willy Horton at his funeral . . .!

Other folks like Steve Schmidt who STARTED us down the road of legitimizing racist, folksy pigs in lipstick, heels and hair as ‘statesmanly’ and worthy of the nuclear codes . . . may actually be goaded into deceiving himself that he should run for President as an independent or even a Democrat . . . and I’m sure the DNC establishment will have him!! (😖 my head hurts!)

Morning Rass (as we call him in my island vernacular) or Morning Joe seems to enjoy very buddy-like relationship with the left, his tweets and show clips since Trump won criticizing the same are retweeted by and shared by many Progressive and Liberal personalities . . . when dude was 24/7 blasting President Obama on some fickle, porous as fuck POV’s with respect to whatever and everything he did . . . AND WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR A HUGE PART OF THE UNRESTRICTED AIRTIME TRUMP GOT THAT PROPELLED HIM TO VICTORY!! Not to mention he and Mika were ALWAYS down at Mar-a-Lago fraternizing and hobnobbing with the marmalade twerp even AFTER he was sworn in!

This is what I’m talking about!

Our reference point when it comes to what’s acceptable in the office . . . for any office . . . has been shattered, irradiated and mutated into something unrecognizable . . . and just the way we’re TALKING about him, even the way I am and have been talking about him means we have all ‘recalibrated’ our ‘intellectual instruments’ with the Cheetoh Dust-covered ‘parameters’ he’s made out of it . . . by grabbing spalling handfuls of this ‘once edible’ cake of decorum, modus operandi and tradition like a toddler at a cake mash, who morphs into an orange marmoset monkey 🐒 and flings the ‘treat pieces’ our way like he’s warding off a predator with his shit . . .!

He basically has tossed and is still tossing paper towels at us a la Puerto Rico and we reflexively catch it and proceeded to ‘use’ the damn things just like if we picked that shit up ourselves at Stop and Shop . . . when we should have batted them away and blowtorched the fuck out of them! 😡. The Press ESPECIALLY is guilty of that . . . sending veteran reporters to cover the White House daily press conferences, KNOWING they are going to be lied to . . . KNOWING the monkey is going to throw shit in their faces . . . and they EVERY DAY ACT SURPRISED WHEN THE SHIT PELLETS HIT THEIR FACES!

CNN and all of you . . . how do you do it!?

How do you act like every day this is THE FIRST TIME EVER that this has happened in American History with any American President . . . WHEN HE HAS BEEN DOING IT TO YOU EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST ALMOST TWO YEARS!??


This is NOT ok!!

This is NOT ok!!

This is NOT ok!!

This isn’t normal damnit!

It’s time we start acting like it and with the dire urgency it demands . . . or we won’t have a country to go back to

It’s literally THAT bad

And your penchant for ‘not hearing the whining sound after a while even though it has never stopped’ is both HIS (and Masters of Evil Cabal) greatest and most essential asset . . . and the nation’s most critical weakness.

I feel like I’m in a waking nightmare . . . a monstrous version of the twilight zone . . . I see people ‘decaying’ in front of me due to the cognitive dissonance of their support and what they know is right . . . the ‘decaying’ Fourth Estate due to cognitive dissonance of the need for constant reporting of his malignant bacterial-grade bombast for Ratings Agar Jelly and the knowledge that it’s bad for the public and country to allow that puke to spray into the open trusting collective maw of the public . . . decaying due to the cognitive dissonance of conservatives describing #45 with such glowing adulation when via his deeds and rhetoric he’s guilty for real of ALL the worst things the Republican Party has EVER accused a Democrat or liberal or being on the scale they never did . . . decaying around me due to the cognitive dissonance of SEEING and HEARING Trump’s supporters unrepentant embrace of jingoism, monstrous misogyny, bigotry and racism but some members of the DNC leadership, elected and organizational, still think that ‘reaching out’ to these people AS A NON-NEGOTIABLE PRIORITY is a must, even as it’s literally impossible to House Them under the same ‘Tent’ as their ‘essential’ supporters of color and women. . . . the timidity, vexingly persistent talk of bipartisanship DESPITE the literal labeling and treating of these supporters and their kin as ‘shitholes’ as a campaign push in the most recent midterms . . . cognitive dissonance . . . everything is decaying!!

Zombies are around me but don’t know they’re ‘dead’ . . . they fluff puss-matted tresses of dead hair and smile lip-less at me:

“Aren’t I hot!?”

We’re in a national Twilight Zone


Yeah . . . this is how I feel . . .

This is not normal

This is not Ok

We have to stop this.

Wake up!

(C) Bantu Rhythms 12/14/18

“Nuance and Perspective have long been Intimate with the Truth . . .! They are inseparable from Her as well." I try to disburse The Truth and My Truth