Putty Over a Leak

My point is this:

For THIS ELECTION especially a person like Trump CAN’T be allowed in no matter the cost. This is a one time shut out as far as I’m concerned.

He must be stopped.

In my mind the arguments raised by the Bernie supporters are valid and the reforms he’s advocating for need to be pursued.

To all the Bernie or Bust folks we agree policy-wise but your tactics won’t work.

And, true to purist/idealist form, because I disagree with their methodologies I get branded an incrementalist which is tantamount to being traitor of sellout in their minds. Well I’m not an incrementalist but more of a realist. To change the system the way we’d like will NOT happen this year. It is going to take multiple election cycles at all levels to do so.

This is the reality of our system

There is only one impediment to future change RIGHT NOW due to the SCOTUS balance and the part that would play in whole host of rights we now take for granted from abortion to civil rights, LGBT and voting rights, the ACA, etc . . . and that is Trump and the type of GOP folks he’ll bring with him and into his cabinet.

Trump must be stopped from taking office NOW so he doesn’t roll back the last bit of decencies from the 20th century and legally make it extremely hard for us to prosecute the change we all say we want in the near and long term. So he must be prevented from taking office as priority one right now.

She is the only other candidate with election machinery behind her that can stop him.

Trump and the GOP folks he’ll bring with him will be like a pillow smothering the small child of residual rights, privileges, obliviously-expected decencies and decorum that we partake of in society in that sense.

Objectively Hillary is NOT a serious hindrance to that change.

Let me say it again:

She is not a hindrance to the change we want. Stop believing that. If we get a progressive house and Senate we can do a lot despite her well-aired-out corporate fealties. My advocation for Hilary is a temporary move, a defensive chess move to win the larger prize. Many of these now Jill Stein folks seem to think that even talking about multiple election cycles means that I’m hopelessly enthralled and wedded to the establishment.

Not the case and I vehemently deny that

Folks like to talk about the fierce urgency of now . . . well that is not how it actually went down. Civil rights weren’t won in a year. And they took a long view to getting it done. The fierce urgency of now refers to a flip in mindset NOW, it refers to a decision on a long term game plan NOW . . . it didn’t mean that NOW we’re going to fret and act out without any plan or view for how our present actions will hinder or hurt our future necessary moves. It didn’t mean that NOW we tantrum and bust everything up. No matter how justified your rage you can’t do that.

You have to think bigger and take a long view

It’s just that for the change many of you are talking about to happen in the immediate short term, literal blood must be shed and violence in the street against the government via a physical revolution is an inescapable part of that.

I’m saying that the American public at large is NOT there.

They’ll get behind a realistic multiple election cycle campaign before they hit the streets though.

This ‘let it burn’ ethos is nihilistic, and masturbatory because only you will feel good but your larger aim, will not only fail, but the present condition you claim to can’t abide by will get worse and maybe seriously damaged under a Trump administration.

I’m not in love with Hillary like that. Don’t disrespect me and yourself frankly by assuming I’m just another ‘Hillbot’.

This about a realistic strategy with proven and workable heft.

Why must it be either destruction or acquiescence with folks? The glaring choice too many of you don’t want to even entertain somewhere in the middle. Your much-desired ‘destruction of the system’ will not happen this year and it will take more time than you’d like. So you want to kneecap your chance of getting anything done by letting him in? Just to spite Her? Come on folks endeavors such as this below are frankly the only plausible way:


She (Hillary) is the Putty we should use to patch the Leak in our Boat caused by white angst and backlash against the progress of the Other so We can keep going down the river to Change and across the lake to a Just Future.

Putty or caulk used in this way may have a short ‘life’ because you will find a more permanent ‘solution’ for the problem. I’m ok with her being a one termer IF . . . we get our shit together nationwide at all levels and build a permanent progressive majority. For example, the census is coming up in two years guys. We have a chance to do a lot of good if we mobilize and get together and say forever-change redistricting laws to make sure the natural ethnic changes in this country drives a change in politics and leads to the death of outdated and myopic ideologies.

And so many more things

Hillary can’t stop that.

We can ‘handle’ her even if she tried . . . but only if we lift our paradigms and think larger and more long term than the white-hot nascent election.

This is Chess guys.

Stop playing Checkers . . . please stop.

(c) Bantu Rhythms 8/5/16