Great article.
David Marino

The Appearance of impropriety?? Lmaoo!! Did any of you look at Candidate Trump and now President Trump?? He had her beat by light years! And all the crap you folks were beating her up over SHE released on her own through her taxes and tons of documents and disclosures of the Clinton foundation.

She released them

Trump hasn’t released shit

Trump hasn’t released control of shit

“The appearance of impropriety . . .”

No what did her in is the lack of critical thinking skills, latent sexism and a racist backlash against our first black president who’s mantle she was trying to carry on.

I just can’t believe this . . . in this time of Trump you’re talking about Hillary’s ‘appearance’ of impropriety when Trump was blatantly so and continues to be so on magnitudes far greater than she EVER was accused of being for the decades the right has been after her!

Just stop it y’all . . . <sigh>

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