We used to think that the level of death on 9/11 was ghastly and just too much . . . Unacceptable . . . so much so we started two wars over it and ran afoul of international human rights with our clandestine drone attacks . . . abridged privacy laws and other once-sacred beliefs . . . ALL over the fact that almost 3K Americans died in one day in three places!

It was the LEVEL of DEATH that got most folks to buy into that misadventure in Afghanistan and Iraq and other places in the Middle East …

Let’s start with something topical . . . nascent . . .

#StopAsianHate universally accepted . . . #BlackLivesMatter “. . . err ahhm . . .”

Why is that?

Not pitting Asians against Blacks . . . but if you don’t see the White Supremacist Hand afoot . . . and actually think that is what I’m doing when I make this point then . . . you’re doing exactly what they want you to

I’ve said before that at its inception the social construct of ‘White’ required an obvious ‘antithetical foil’ to ‘hold it together’.

It’s why…

A version was published before here . . .

People of color often get told we’re pulling the ‘race card’ when we have racial discussions. I’m sorry but the purpose of racial discussions are to break through the played-out dynamic like the one below that spawns frankly stupid sentiments like ‘the Race Card’:

“Black: Its racist

White: It isn’t

Black: Why not?

White: Because I don’t see it

Black: But you will NEVER see it

White: (Indignant) Oh so my opinion doesn’t matter?? Well I’m done then! Bye!

Black: 😒 . . . (Mentally and/or under breath)So typical! 🙄”


There is something that ‘white people’ WILL have to ‘give up’ for equality in this country to have true ‘teeth’.

Yeah that’s the fear that the ‘lay white’ has when we talk about reparations and the like . . . but I’m not talking about money, or anything of ‘obvious’ financial value (even though that’s a valid discussion):

I’m talking about something that has way more value even financially but mainly socially, culturally, hegemonically and is the main pillar of the racial paradigm of ‘when you accept that you are white’ . . . it’s the gears, the engine that…

There are some out there who are ‘anti-physical-‘whiteness’’

That isn’t me

A person possessing the phenotypical characteristics that society considers ‘white’ is an accident of birth and isn’t something they can control.

As such I have no problem with that 🤷🏿‍♂️

I DO ask, however, that they make a conscious effort to retrain their brains from expressing their whiteness in the toxic, regressive way that society has made be the default norm.

Again: I’m not anti ‘the physical characteristics that makes society consider you ‘white’’.

I’m anti ‘how society expects and dictates that you ‘behave and think’ because it ‘considers…

I published this writing before on my blog page here but thought it would be good to share here too.

The particular account of Mary Turner’s lynching has always made my blood run cold and made me shiver . . . the fact that a pregnant woman, 8 months at that, would be subject to that, is ghastly enough . . . but they cut open her belly while they were roasting her and put boot to the head of the fetus that fell out . . .

No one was ever charged

It was never investigated

The person that…

“You’re HURTING America!”

CNN has treated the last two debates like if they were some sort of dog fight betting ‘event’ . . . the stuff that Michael Vick got sent to jail for.

This is a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE . . . not some ‘spectacle of bloodletting’ where your advertisers/betters ‘pay’ to get in based on how brutal you can ‘goose’ the ‘animals’ into getting with each other!!!

Damn You CNN.

This is the disgusting grime of the reality tv/ratings media business model on full despicable, prime time display this week!

And Trump is a Reality TV denizen!

He THRIVES in this environment…

This is another piece in my Dramatic Poetry Series, where different characters give their ‘take’ on life and the world they live in. It was previously published as an older version here. It’s now edited and updated slightly. Please pay attention as the protagonist . . . . Strikes That Gong . . .

I’ve posted this before 5 years ago here but in light of present turmoil and angst I think it has warranted a repost on this platform and editing. This was part of a series of posts about Racism from very early on in my blogging sojourns when I trying to express my thoughts on racism, politics especially. I felt that, at the time, the obviousness of Racism’s hand in the turmoil of President Obama’s tenure just wasn’t being spoken about so I came up with a few posts on an old blog that begin with “On Racism . . .”…

This was written as part of a play, that deals with racism, social justice, history, immigration, politics, religion, society and culture and how they intersect with each other. It was meant to be ‘acted out’ and performed. (I wrote this back on 4/12/2000 but in the last verse I use the visage of someone much more ‘recent’ as a stand-in for so many who have been lost in similar situations.)

In this piece or more correctly ‘scene’ , the characters are based on stories ripped from headlines over the years, others just tragic scenarios . . . but they do…

Island Boy Pundit

“Nuance and Perspective have long been Intimate with the Truth . . .! They are inseparable from Her as well." I try to disburse The Truth and My Truth

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