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Baptiste Grève
2 min readSep 23, 2019


I am excited to announce my first “Ethereum dedicated” work, A global Dashboard to help you visualize your DeFi activity easily. — Visualize all your Decentralized Finance activity in one place.

Like a lot of Ethereum enthusiasts, I am using more and more Decentralized Financial applications (DeFi) to bet, lend, borrow or invest my crypto assets.

The problem is that it’s getting time-consuming to track the location and performance of those “positions” since they are all made possible with different protocols or dApps.

I first go to Compound to check how much interest I earned by lending my assets on their protocol. Then I usually check my CDP ratio on Maker to make sure it’s not nearing liquidation. I also visit TokenSets to verify if my trending Sets have rebalanced to ETH, then Augur, then dYdX… This process can take some precious time from a few minutes to hours per week depending on someone’s activity in the Ethereum ecosystem.

So a few weeks ago I decided to start working on a global Dashboard that would help me visualize in a few seconds all of my Ethereum activity.

My focus was on integrating the following dApps for the initial release:

And to integrate those dApps soon after the initial launch:

  • Augur — Decentralized Betting Protocol
  • Synthetix — Synthetic Assets on Ethereum
  • dYdX — Decentralized Trading Platform

And since I believe that a lot of Ethereum enthusiasts could be interested in this I decided to make it available for free on iOS and Android.

The initial mobile version is only built to display the important data from those decentralized protocols but my goal is to develop a web-based version as well that would let you not only visualize your activity but also interact with those protocols without leaving to let you bet on the Augur protocol or enter a leveraged position on dYdX without having to visit multiple websites.

Let me know your feedback about MyDefi on Twitter if you have the opportunity to try the app!



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