How to mix a Professor Langnickel 

Drinks from Le Lion: enjoy an eau de vie de kirsch

Photo: Bernd Euler,

„Professor Langnickel“
by Mario Kappes, Le Lion • Bar de Paris, 2008

30 ml Kirsch Vieux by Morand ( eau de vie de kirsch)
20 ml Guignolet de Dijon by Gabriel Boudier (sourer cherry liquor)
20 ml Pedro Ximénez Sherry by Monteagudo (PX Sherry)

Stir, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. spray lemon zest on top, no drop. Add stick with three “real” cocktail cherries.

About Professor Langnickel

At a quite sunday night shift at Le Lion in 2008, Mario Kappes and me served a wonderful couple coming from cologne in our bar. It was a bartenders sunday night. No time to make money — but time to create stories and drinks in your bar. And time for conversations with nice customers for sure.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Langnickel turned out to love spanish brandy and sherry. It turned out that Mr. Langnickel was Professor Langnickel and that he, next to his university work, run a very small bar in cologne, called BARFLY

So we started to have bartender conversations on eye level. Great sunday night — as you might can imagine.

Professor Langnickel followed all the night Mr. Kappes recommendations. The next drinks, he asked for eau de vie de kirsch. Not a simple spirit to mix, but Mr. Kappes is a connoisseur of eau de vie.

All of a sudden, Mr. Kappes started to mix an unknown drink to me. He toke the Kirsch, sweet cherry and sour cherry liqueur and served a new drink to the Professor and a small one for us to try.

“What is the name?” the Professor asked.

“Lets call it a Professor Langnickel” Mario replied.

We all tried it and loved it. We all agreed on that it is a little bit to strong on the eau de vie side and lowered the amount in our second try. Also just sprayed the lemon oil on top instead off dropping the zest.

At the second Langnickel we reached perfection. I rarely tried a drink only two times and had to say “its perfect”.

But 15+ year of Mr. Kappes behind a bar is something you can rely on. Since this night in 2008 the Professor Langnickel has become one of our best selling drinks at Le Lion. Try to find the Guignolet de Dijon by Gabriel Boudier. It is hard to find, but it is worth all the “work” to enjoy a fantastic Professor Langnickel.

Text by Joerg Meyer @joergmeyer