Wings of Desire

Invisible angels fly around us. They come when everything is difficult and we no longer have the desire to continue living. Well, we are stuck in a quagmire that we can’t find a way out, or we don’t know if there is one. If not, a way out. It is interesting when we find out that there are no more children, are we when we learn the difficulties of life or are we no longer like children. What’s more, It is bad to be alone if we start over when everyone leaves wounds, what do we see a few minutes before death, where does it go? The border between the heavenly and earthly worlds. I was always wondering what it was like to be everything from above and what people were thinking when they were depressed, they were standing in the subway. They relied on the ironically written „Don’t rely on it’’.

‘’When a child was a child, he had time to question why I am who I am, why am I not you? Why am I here and not there? When does infinity end? Wim Wenders’ film “Wings of Desire” was shot in 1987. It allows us to get inside a person’s mind and understand what they are thinking. Angels fly over divided Berlin. They look in the houses. They appear in human souls and the right place at the right time. Likewise, they just are souls and must remain souls, but human sensations that are not available to them do not give rest to one angel. The heavenly paradise is ready for human sensations and the circus to exchange for the love of an acrobat. He is tired of not having meat. Should just take off your shoes under the table or at least read a newspaper.

To do everything that has become a routine in our lives and is already in our throats, we got it. Although he knows exactly how disgusting a human is, it is still a dream to set foot on the ground. Everything is black and white for him. Only the world seen by the human eye is colorful, even when it can perceive it. Angels and humans stand on the edge of god and evil. It is difficult to distinguish which side is colored and which is perceived as black in white. Angel is happy when he thinks he is noticed. Because they can’t touch it, it feels that its existence is pointless. Everyone needs a reason to exist, and that reason is Marion for Damien. Everything around him pushes him to become human. May an immortal child be born with a mortal soul and unite with Marion. When Damien encounters human metaphors, he crosses the line between angels and humans, becoming human and boldly able to taste coffee and understand the pleasure others feel when smoking a cigarette with coffee.

Before the birth of an angel as a human, a woman does not know why she appeared in this world. He just wants to love someone and find happiness. To perceive the colors he had seen before, and the wish is fulfilled. We all have our chroniclers, and only these chroniclers notice the angels. Kassel appears to be relatively strong and strictly follows the path he has chosen or chosen.

Angels must be born — or already born, and children are angels. They have not yet experienced the world and are slowly beginning to discover it. When they don’t ask questions out loud anymore, we realize that they have grown up. When the child was a child, life seemed to him to be fun, but now, fun sometimes comes. All components of the modern world are not reality, but a simulation of reality where it is so powerful that it is the only one, sometimes the simulation itself becomes reality. If we follow this line of Jean Baudrillard’s theory, we will realize that everything is not as it seems.

Everything was fine until one angel will want to be human.

We see the version of the world that we want to see. Maybe if we believe in angels we can even see them or feel a hand on our shoulder when we need it, and it feels alone. When there is no way out, our second-hand remains to save us, and maybe this second hand is an invisible angel who, like Kassel, has not yet exchanged the eternal world for the physical world. Among us, some angels became human beings. I can’t see you, but I feel you are here. — Peter Folk said the phrase convinces Damien that he was making the right decision. He also knows that another angel will always be by his side and will help him, just as he helped others. He is not afraid. Not only that, but he still does not know what fear is feeling. He was transformed into feeling only happiness and love. If we believe in Goffman, we all have our role on earth, and we live to fulfill this role. Over time, roles change as we grow up and leave childhood behind. At the time, which itself can be a disease. We die when we lose track of time, and the image we have created during our lifetime will remain with us until we die, and we will live in it.



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