Don’t Worry . It works one way or the other

The expectation and thinking of many teenagers..

Its kinda funny indeed.

This is my first article. So forgive me if this is not fair.

We as youngsters and teenagers our mind is a double side player. One such thing is our expectations and what we say. We always want a positive, desired outcome (we are not entrepreneurs). Its our emotional expectations. In order to get a desired outcome we think or expect opposite of it in order to feel less pain emotionally. I don’t know is it same with the elder people or adults but its true in teenagers. For example , I always say to my friends about my preparation towards exams. Its always a negative one. Like I definitely will fail this time, I haven’t prepared at all something like that. But not only me everyone always wants good marks. After my examination my sayings are still same. But are the result…

A show off time

If I get a good marks all my friends will be like “He is a very intelligent fellow. He got a super hero power in his brain, without preparing how can he score like that”. I will be like flying by those words. Even if I score less, then I have my reasons ready. May be its for that sole reason we always say or expect negative outcome and undesired one. If they ask me how did I score, answer is simple I don’t know. We will be somewhat satisfied by this result.

Why is this so?

If we say something very confidently in a very positive way, we are afraid of not getting good outcomes. If he got the results by the way we said then there will be no joy in it, because we already told the outcome earlier. If we fail then its over. We make our way to depression. Our brain is so mean right??.

Moral : We are not ready to bare the pain of words from people. Similarly we are ever ready for appreciation. But in order to maintain an equilibrium we have to have both. Life is really silly na.

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