What Are We But Virtual Brand & Marketing Constructs?

‘Brands are complex multidimensional constructs with varying degrees of meaning, independence, co-creation and scope. They are semiotic marketing systems that generate value for direct and indirect participants, society, and the broader environment, through the exchange of co-created meaning.’

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I could claim that scholars finally withdrew from the “managerial brand conceptualization“ that I, personally first came across in the Leslie de Chernatony’s book From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation, and started to include a vast array of ideological, environmental, anthropological, cultural, social, human(e)…, implications for the participants and human society as a whole. Is that true?

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  1. This is why the world desperately needs the anthropologists to be able to decipher human(e) reality from those of the make-believe semantics of reality shows (in a much, much broader sense than the reality TV). And secondly …
  2. the reality itself needs to re-questioned. The regulative and supervisory bodies should monitor, penalize or award good and poor practices. Daily.

“The world needs more humanity!“

Meta Gorup and Dan Podjed, Epic 2016 summarized the symposium and offered a few tips for the future: exercising interdisciplinarity, anthropologists and other scientists making their research more inclusive and their findings widely accessible and start spreading awareness and mediating across boundaries-engaging with the world and its critical problems. If only that was enough?!

“As brands work within increasingly symbolic markets, the marketing systems must pay attention to their meaning infrastructures. Failure to do so, may cause system to work improperly, even fail (Conejo & Wooliscraft 2015).“


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