Why would I start a blog? What could I possibly have to offer that would be any different from the thousands upon thousands of other blogs out there in the world?

That’s a question I’m very happy I didn’t ask myself when in I started this journey (way back in 2010!)

Turns out, there are many reasons to blog, but Keeping With the Times was born because I literally wanted to “keep with the times”. I hadn't worked outside the home for many years and felt out of the loop. I wanted to learn how to do this mysterious blogging “thing” I'd been hearing so much about.

The technical aspects of blogging, and dealing with an on-line world which is ever-changing, challenges and inspires me. I’ve learned the ins and outs of social media. I’ve studied other blogs, asked questions, and then tried things for myself. I knew I wanted to have great photos to post, so I purchased a DSLR and went from not knowing how to turn the thing on, to shooting in Manual mode.

Keeping With the Times is where I practice my mantra "learn something new, try something different” (convince yourself that you have no limits) a quote by Brian Tracy.

While I may not be convinced “that I have no limits“ I do know that I can learn something new, and I can try something different, and this has not only changed the way I look at life, it has changed the way I live life. Incredibly, having a blog has given me permission to take on all sorts of exciting new ventures.

  • Should I buy that new camera? Yes.
  • Should I take that photography/editing class? Yes!
  • Should I attend that amazing retreat? Yes, yes, and yes!

Now when I talk about my experiences, I like to tell people "so far, nothing has blown up” in other words, don't be afraid to try something.

I'm reclusive, and a bit of a homebody, but after seven years of blogging I've become much more flexible. When I have to leave the comfort of my home, and the familiarity of my surroundings, I pack my computer, a few treasured inspirational books, and hit the road with a sense of adventure rather than fear.

An airport terminal, hotel lobby, or hotel room becomes my office. I grab a hot coffee, find a comfortable place to sit, and connect to the Internet.

Instantly, there’s my blog. It greets me like an old friend, and as I look over a few posts (there's my beautiful garden, my lovely barnwood side table, and the yummy Rhubarb Strawberry Coffee Cake I made last summer), I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride!

I may decide to share a moment with my readers and take a “from where I stand shot.” My feet are in an airport, friends, and I can't wait to show you where they're going! It may be Toronto to attend Blissdom, a conference with my daughter, or Arizona where I’ll be meeting several blogging friends for the first time.

Or, perhaps it's California to attend "Gather California" along with twelve beautiful souls from around the world!

Attending Gather California in November of 2014 changed my life in ways I never thought possible. In the company of like-minded people, I felt I was seen, heard, and validated, and let me tell you that is powerful. I made lifelong friends, forged strong connections, and broadened my horizons. To read more about my experience from Gather you might want to check out my post Why I Was Crying in the Shower

Starting and maintaining a blog is hard work … hard, but rewarding. I get up in the morning with new ideas spinning around in my head, eager to get out there and capture the perfect image to express my love of food, photography, blogging, and life. There isn’t enough time in my day to accomplish everything I’m dreaming about.

This is reason enough for me to blog. I do have something to offer the world. It may not be huge or earth shattering, but its mine, and I’m very passionate about it.


*this post was originally written for Artful Blogging Autumn 2016 (revised and with different images.)

  • *a big thank you and shout out to Emily and Stef at Makelight for encouraging us all to live our best lives and then to blog about it! I've enjoyed their blogging class more than I can say!