Goal: 3x size of my business

Road block: Lack of a consistent dedicated marketing, team requires a little too much oversight

Strategy: Continue to focus on purpose and values driven to build team and clients and don’t compromise, believe that it is OK to make money and enjoy success! Employ an experienced account manager to help with oversight and management, prioritise marketing and ensure it’s done

Why: I enjoy building and being bigger means a bigger team and helping more clients and doing more.

Goal: Invest in myself

Road block: Guilt

Strategy: Schedule breaks and lock it away in the diary. Do the courses, go to the conferences, work from home at least one morning a week, read daily and write daily! Walk the dog!!!

Why: I can't achieve everything I want to achieve and have clarity of mind without down time and investing in my development

Goal: Lose 20kg

Road block: I’m full of excuses and when times are stressful I eat. Deep down I’m probably scared, fear of missing out.

Strategy: Focus on one mouthful at a time, acknowledge that I’m eating if I’m stressed, be prepared when I get home to have meals ready so that I don’t attack the cheese — in fact don’t have the cheese in the house! Get help!

Why: To be healthy and feel free, thinking about my weight has taken up a lot of head-space over a lot of years, I’d like to focus on other positive stuff instead!

Goal: Be more positive on a daily basis

Road block: It is often easier to see the negative

Strategy: Be kind to oneself, be accepting of yourself and others, put yourself in other’s shoes, empathy, empathy , empathy, smile, smile, smile

Why: For me being positive opens many doors, inspires creativity, drives productivity and builds relationships

Goal: Invest better

Road block: Undecided on advice, grass is always greener on the other side, questioning to the point of inaction

Strategy: DO the homework, work with the best people and trust that they know their stuff, after all my success is their success.

Why: Preserve and build on what I have built so I can give and do more

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